Landing Filatov A Big Step Toward Fixing Ottawa’s Lack Of Offense

With a dubious 3rd round selection Bryan Murray lands a former #6 pick, Nikita Filatov.

What the…!

Thanks Hitch.

So, above all else, I extend a warm welcome to Nikita.  You are coming to a franchise that wants you, and needs you.  At just 21 there’s no doubt you have un-tapped upside, and we all look forward to supporting you in growing into the impact player you can be.

I’ve mentioned in the past that Ottawa has looked a Nikita, and as such this trade does not surprise me.  But, at that time, Nikita still represented the Columbus franchises best (only) chance at providing an elite player to support franchise winger Rick Nash.

Well, the recent trade with Philly has changed that, and removing Filatovs cap hit, and frankly, organizational stain from the club came in return for a measly 3rd round selection.

Wow, talk about a heavy price to pay for such terrible prospect management.  Nikita, largely, remains an unknown, and another victim of the Blue Jackets ill advised strategy of rushing prospects into the NHL, only to be marginalized/vilified by then coach Ken Hitchcock.  In his far too short time in the AHL, Nikita proved a worthy 6th over-all selection, but, alas, was pulled from the development system, into the NHL, while just coming into his own.  Instead of progressing, he was demoralized and often felt centred out for un-fair criticism.

Can his ship be righted?  Can Ottawa help him re-discover his passion and confidence?  Obviously they think they have a shot, or they would have kept the pick, but it may be a struggle just to get Filatov back into N.A., let alone the NHL.

There’s no doubt this kid could be a huge difference maker, if he shakes off the past in-justices done to him, but maybe he’ll be another Daigle, just too much damage done, too soon, to be repaired.

For me, I love this trade.  I’m a big believer in change as a catalyst for improvement, and here’s hoping a new franchise can generate the cathartic release Filatov will need to once again embrace a future in the NHL.

Welcome Nik, you’ve been traded to a team that wants you, really, really wants you.


p.s.  From Murray – “”We’re going to give him every chance, he deserves that.”

Have fun playing with a legitimate #1 NHL centreman for once! 

Karlsson to Spezza, Spezza to Filatov, one timer… scoooores, what a bullet to the back of the net from Nikita Filatov! 

Get used to it folks.


10 Responses to “Landing Filatov A Big Step Toward Fixing Ottawa’s Lack Of Offense”

  1. Zibanejad

    Nobody took Bell – Dman with good size and put up points in WHL, ranked 39 on the NA skater list. Must be a head case to have not been taken.

    I can see some of these long shots who shoot up the ranks getting grabbed, if they can improve that quickly then maybe they have a lot more upside. So a guy moves from 200 mid term to 100, do you take him over the guy sitting at 40th who stayed at 40th from mid term rank? Better on the way up than a guy who drops or stays I guess. It’s about risk, but at late stages of drafting its all a crap shoot. pageau fell off the ranking list by Central scouts.

    Not many D in this list – 2. Signs the Sens are ready to re stock the Fwds and hopefully develop a couple of gems. Kramer looks like a toughness prospect +300 PIMs

  2. I hope you are right about Filatov but it should be a low risk gamble. Sens haven’t had a lot of luck with Russians – Ilya Zubov, Gonchar, Kovalev not to mention the one picked years ago (in the Muckler era?) who was a bust Kaigorovodov or some such name. Where is he now? This is what will worry Sens Fans and our great hockey oracle, Don Brennan – I can picture his saintly words of endorsement now.

    • How about a guy named Volchenkov…remember him?
      Filatov was rushed, vilified and, like so many young kids would, when given a chance to snipe back, damaged his credibility with both the franchise and his team-mates.
      He never stood a chance in CLB, not then, and certainly not now.
      Some onder how he was had for a 3rd…well, likely because Ott;
      1. has room for him under the cap
      2. can afford to pay him
      3. can actually play him in the line-up
      4. need his skill-set
      5. Have the leadership to deal with young players (Alfie, Gonchar)
      6. In the East.

      Comapre that scenario to most other teams, and at least one of those factors key factors is missing.
      As well, this is not a new scenario for CLB/OTT, Filatov has been discussed in the past between these two

      • Notice I didn’t mention Yashin, so that cancels Volchenkov …
        LOL. Yeah I admit, forgot Volchenkov – if you could bottle his work ethic and feed it to the rest of his countrymen ….

        For a 3rd round pick this was a good gamble, whether he Radulov’s or not. I hope Mclean gives him every opportunity for ice, from 1st powerplay unit to time with Spezza and Alfie.

  3. Skeptic Says:

    Love this deal – even if Filatov needs another year in the A – it still adds a bonafide offensive prospect – something the team sorely lacked two days ago. On top of that – he’s three years further along in his physical development than any of yesterday’s draft picks.

    If Filatov is able to slot into the top 6 – then this is grand larceny.

    At the very least he will provide some competition in camp for Butler, Greening, DaCosta, Regin and Foligno – and that is never a bad thing.

    I think the Murrays did a good job of stocking the cupboard these past two days. Four first rounders (counting Filatov) is not a bad haul.

    Now I’d like to see them add a second line center through free agency to tide us over until Zibanejad is ready to come over.

  4. Karlsson to Spezza, Spezza to Filatov, one timer… scoooores, what a bullet to the back of the net from Nikita Filatov!

    I would like to add: right passed James Reimer.. lol

    But yes — he was not given a chance in Columbus. Hitchcock & young players don’t mesh.

    He will get a chance to be taught and developed properly… with patience… by the Sens coaching staff.

    Maybe Gonchar will take him under his he did with Malkin.

    Low risk…. high reward

  5. Filatov will play next year, and he will do well for us. i have no doubt.
    When you have Randy Lee (pretty sure it was him) saying he is the best talent he has seen in 15 years come through the development camp, you got to take their (Sens) word for it …


  6. MOP, I get what what your saying about Ottawa’s luck with Russian players, but Yashin was likely the most skilled forward to ever play for the Sens. An excellent draft choice. He was getting paid less than Daigle! Unfortunately, for Yashin though, he had the wrong advisor(s) whispering in his ear about $$$$, which ultimately hurt his career, No question about his talent though, IMHO.

  7. Talent not to be confused with effort

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