Zibanewhaaaa? UPDATE

UPDATE – From a source within the Senators, this pick came highly recommended from a trusted Swedish source, who, as he has said (correctly) in the past, swore this player would not just surprise, but downright dominate in the NHL.  And I quote “This former scout insists this kid is the best Swedish player in the draft, including Landskog, in every aspect, from leadership to physicality to skill.  I know this pick was a shock to many, but the Sens truly took the player they wanted, and that’s why they didn’t risk trading down.  Only time will tell, but the talk from here is that this kid is a sure bet”

Well, I remain shocked, and purposely did not profile Zeb in thinking he would not be selected in the top 10, so much for that.  There is a lot to like about this kid, not the least of which his ten tonne heart, here’s hoping.

I swear, like a religion, being a Sens fan is a constant test of faith.

I trust Murray, I trust Murray, I trust Murray…

Well, didn’t see that coming, honestly I’m shocked, and expected, if Z-Bad was going to be selected first, Murray would have traded down…guess not.

Shocked again.



What’s next?  And with our 21st pick we select, of the Zanzabar Zefyrs, Weinjar Trumcanogus…lol.


4 Responses to “Zibanewhaaaa? UPDATE”

  1. Trust the man’s drafting!!!! (Not his free agent signings)

    Last 3 years in draft he’s “in theory” done very well, each first rounder (or player obtained with first rounder) looks quite promising and on Hockey’s Future web site, they’re all ranked 8’s.

    • See update. A quick post selection convo has allayed some of my concerns, but I remain surprised they went so far off the board at #6.

  2. The Dutch Treat Says:

    Far off the board? Bob Mckenzie had him ranked as the 3rd best forward in the draft. His stock skyrocketed and there ESPN predicted he could have gone as high as #3.

    We lucked out. This kid is a super stud. Part Zetterberg, part Holik.

    • Fair enough DT, but the fact remains we will never know where he sat on other lists, but, for the most part it was viewed as a surprise to se ZBad go higher than 10th.
      Now, that being said, please do not mistake my surprise with disappointment. ZBad is going to play in the NHL, and will be an impact player, if only through leadership and a desire to win, but it would be wrong to say he was expected to go at 6th.
      All in all I’m very happy with the potential that was drafted in this seasons opening round, to a man, and believe the very real possibility exists that Ottawa drafted the best player on the board…but the odds are against it (as they should be at 6th over-all).
      The fact Murray focused his selections on top end forwards, with varying skill sets, has made for a solid corner stone for the future of this clubs offense, and equally important, leadership, as ALL of these forwards are known for their compete levels and commitment to winning and being their best. To be honest, I’m as impressed with the mental skills found in all three of these selections as the physical assets.
      Ottawa just landed 3 ultra competitors, with great attitutes and work ethics to compliment their legitimate NHL prospect skills.
      They’re each still prospects, and anything can happen, but I for one am very happy…check that, ecstatic.

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