Sens Looking To Hit A Strome Run?

Also ran, Ryan Strome, is gaining his fair share of attention as the draft approaches, and has seen his stock rise considerably since the first rankings of September.

A kid who faced a big personal challenge by having been left off the T.C. U18 squad, Strome reacted by using the snub as motivation to get bigger, stronger and better going into his draft year.

It worked – big time.

While Couturier was dropping, Strome was rising, and the two have met right around the #6 slot in this years draft, making them possible Sens picks tonight.

In Strome Ottawa would select a kid who has proven himself able to react positively to set backs and rather than folding under the pressure, instead seize the challenge, and overcome it.  This is a very intriguing quality, particularly if compared to the suspicion that Couturier has done the opposite (although I do not believe this to be a fair criticism).

Ryan is not NHL ready, and would likely be 2 years removed from the NHL, but when he arrives, and he will, he should provide his club with a nice combination of skill and determination, likely progressing to the 2nd line centre role, or even better.



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