Draft ’11 – Here’s What I’m Hearing…

There is an absolute tonne of discussion going on, but this is nothing new for a draft day.  What is different is the belief that there are deals to be made.  Instead of a lot of tire kicking, or abject refusals to deal, this draft class has opened up the GM’s to make some moves without fear of losing out on a known pick.

I’ve been told this is a quantity draft, outside of the top 7 or so picks, making frequent picks through the remaining 35 or slots more important than the ranking of the pick itself.  In other words, the perceived skill separation from #10 to #20 is very slight, and from #20 to # 45 virtually imperceptable, when weighted with “potential to play”.

This all makes for a lot of dealing, but probably the trading of current NHL players for picks, rather than multiple picks for a higher pick, if outside of the top 7 or so.

As for trading within the first 7 or 8 slots, rumour has it that Edmonton is very willing to deal down, possibly even way down, if it comes with a proven NHL’er.  For all of the talk about RNH, who will be a very good player, he isn’t the sort of player a team considers a “must have”, in fact, some NHL scouts doubt the existance of any real proveable gap amongst the top 7 or 8.

Will teams be willing to move current talent for a high pick in an average draft?  Too tough to call.

Now, if teams stop demanding current NHL’ers in return for picks…expect some interesting moves, consisting of high 1st round picks for multiple lower picks…and Burke is trying VERY hard to make this happen, but obviously NOT with EDM, lol!



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