According To Murray, Size Does Matter.

With the 21st over-all pick the Senators select Stefan Noesen.  Another big forward known for his competitive nature and physicality, but unlike #6 pick Z-Bad, not nearly as NHL ready.

Honestly, what does Murray have against the board?  Either he knows better, or he’s setting himself up for some serious criticism for charting his own course.

That being said, I do believe in the Sens scouting group, and find some solace in knowing that, by going off the board, they truly believe in their selections and openly risk future criticism.

What use is a scouting group if you don’t use them, right?

And now they trade up to the 24th selection and grab elite level sniper Matt Puempel…nice, I really like this kids stellar offensive skills and the Sens have been desperate for a legit sniper since losing DumbAss15.

Potential top tier power forward, potential secondary tier power forward, and potential top tier sniper.

Not bad for a days work I’d say.

Nice to see Burke forego a skill guy (Puempel) for a bottom 9 bruiser (Biggs)…some things never change.

6 more rounds, 8 more picks, see you tomorrow.



8 Responses to “According To Murray, Size Does Matter.”

  1. Adding Prince too, trading 3rd rnder for Filatov and adding unranked JG Pageau. Probably time to go to the D – If Myles Bell still unpicked by the 5th rnd do you take him?

  2. I’d say they’ve done well – good crop of forward prospects there, with the others we have – lots to look forward to. Admittedly the comparison between Zib – Zibby? (what’s the nick gonna be – Prince of Persia in the Citizen) and Couturier will be done by fans and the media as time goes on.

    Have faith. That rubbish Brennan wrote in the sun almost made me puke.

    I’m as excited over this draft as I usually am for July 1 and free agent day. Still need a top 6 – who will they get? I read Fleischmann was UFA – would be a good add if it can be done.

  3. Damn, went swedish D with Claesson … hope he’s better than Bell

  4. Into the dregs now, may as well pick Sweden clean …

  5. Darren Kramer? Any relation to Kosmo?

  6. Sens scouts seem to be going off the charts. Pageau not ranked (from 170 at mid term NA to not ranked). Now Kramer doesn’t appear anywhere.

  7. McCormick LW from the US – another forward. 2 picks to go.

  8. I’m anxious to see who they take – rnd 7 in 23rd (the Kovalev pick)

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