To Catch A (Falling?) Star.

Get to know the name Couturier, something tells me he will be standing between the M&M’s come Friday evening, by hook or by crook.

A player who started the season riding a wave of expectation (and NSAID’s to treat his late off-season IM virus), Couturier failed to do only what was most wanted of him; vastly improve upon an already stellar 09/10 performance.  To be sure he was a top performer, and yeah, yeah, he was league MVP, and a dominant force on every shift, but he didn’t do much anything “new”.  But I believe this is more an indictment on his club, and his league, than his potential, and if it lands him in an Ottawa sweater, I for one say…booyah!

Let the flavour of the weeks steal the spotlight, while the Sens steal the show.

Coots is the full package, although not elite in any one category, he is above average in all (but skating), making him the ideal #2 C, or legitimate top line LW potential.  Add to this his very real NHL size and readiness, and you have yourself a nice fit for a re-building club.

The only big question remaining about Sean is whether his best comparator is Eric or Jordan Staal.

Not a bad question to have to ponder.



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