Sens Need A Middle Man

The big day is coming for Sens fans, draft ’11. There was no regular season bragging rights, no post-season glory, but there is the hope of a bright future, and this coming draft will feature front and centre in those hopes.

Murray knows it, Big Mel knows it, and 29 other GM’s know it.

Let the games begin, and make no mistake, there will be concerted efforts made at completing trades in this draft.

The fact is, apart from RHN, there are no consensus “must haves” in this draft, but a whole host of highly talented players, and this makes for a draft where # of picks is virtually as important as rank of any one pick.

Many predict, after the first seven or so choices, it could be a near pick’em through the next 38 selections, where pick quantity vastly out-weighs draft rank.

Ottawa has the quantity to improve their ranking, and still be able to draft beyond their normal allotment.

Will there be a deal?

Very, very likely, and don’t be surprised if it includes a known prospect, in return for an improved pick, as rumour has it that a certain big and NHL ready defenseman, is being marketed in hopes of retaining the #6 selection and landing a top three selection.

I’m expecting a very interesting day.



4 Responses to “Sens Need A Middle Man”

  1. A big and NHL ready defenseman is being marketed? By all accounts Weircioch isn’t that guy. I don’t like the sounds of this at all.

  2. Surely there not considering traing Cowen!

  3. I don’t get why poeple are so concerned about Cameron being hired as asstinant coach. Who cares if Melnyk endorsed him. He coaches his OHL team. Big deal.

    Ottawa has a highly qualified head coach, and BOTH of the OHL’s top head coaches as assistants.

    This is fantastic really….


  4. I certainly hope it isn’t Cowen. I can’t see that. Sens need size and nasty on the back end… Cowen provides that. Gryba is a couple of years away.

    Murray spent 3 years building that D… why trade it away? The only one I see going is Weircoch.

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