And Another Thing…

“Embrace change”

A comment made more than once by new coach Maclean.

But it’s not just for the players, it’s for the fans, too.

After making it to, but falling short of, the Stanley Cup, many of us, myself included, have desperately wanted to get back, sooner rather than later, sooner, like NOW.

But, after a few years of upheaval, for various reasons, maybe we fans are ready to embrace change, and let go of the need to win it all, now.

This is a change other coaches didn’t get to embrace…would it have mattered?  Dunno, but this time I believe we have both the right coach, and the right attitude.

Another comment “Just a little bit better, everyday…” also speaks to this attitude of change, at a slower pace.

This coach (and presumably, the entire management team) believes change has to be made, but not in one season, not all at once, but through a patient, purposeful effort.

Are you ready for improvement, over-time, or are you still expecting over-night success?

That will be the “hearts and minds” battle to be waged with both fans, and senior players, alike.



One Response to “And Another Thing…”

  1. BigSlice Says:

    In all honesty, I’m looking for something in between. I recognize that we will probably not make the playoffs next season, although it is a long season and you never know.

    However, Ottawa is a smaller (albeit voracious) hockey market, and I fear some fans patience will wear thin, i asked to stick it out for too long.

    I was talking with my wife last night about the Sens, and told her that I’m willing to give them two years to make it back into the playoffs. With their late-season success, the maturing of Spezza, a desire to win it for Alfie, a fantastic goalie, and another (possibly better) one in the AHL, the head coach many of us wanted, and a fully-stocked cupboard down in Bingo, I think we already possess the tools to get us there. Throw in a couple years’ worth of good drafting, and we should be all set to get back into the playoffs.

    I want them in it next year, I’ll accept two years, but if they’re still an also-ran by year 3, I’ll be more than a little upset with the wasted opportunities.

    No matter… GO SENS GO!

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