Quick Tip – RUMOUR

Just received a quick tip regarding the Sens coach search;

“Cameron is out of the running for head-coach, but still in as an assistant. Melnyk has the final list, expect a decision soon, very soon.”

Take it for what it’s worth…nothing.



5 Responses to “Quick Tip – RUMOUR”

  1. I can live with Cameron as assistant.

    The more I see him… KK for head coach.
    The way he carries himself. His demeaner is cool. When I saw him in pictures after the 3rd round win & the Calder Cup parade.. it showed pride for his players.
    The players respect him — and that is big in a coach.
    He said he coaches individuals… knows when some need a kick in the ass or an arm around the shoulder. By he demands hard work.
    I just like his style.
    He will grow with the team. The veterans will respect him as he is a winner.

    • KK is (apparently) not on the final list…which is said to be 3 names deep, all wth extensive NHL exp.
      Or so I’ve heard…but, I suspect it is educated guess work more than knowledge…like 99.9% of what one “hears”!

      • BigSlice Says:

        My guess? Hitchcock, Maclean and MacT.

        The only one of those three I’m comfortable with is Maclean.

  2. Great to see you back writing again GN, we missed ya.

    • Life is such a distraction to what really matters…BLOGGING!
      (I BLOG, Therefore I am…always right!)

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