A Few Quick Hits

1. According to a note from a western based scout “There will be movement in the top 5 at this draft and Ottawa may well be in on it”

This is in keeping with statements made to me from those within the Senators, that Murray is really looking to land an impact player now and is willing to leverage prospect depth to make it happen.  Bingo’s Calder run is only strengthening his hand in this regard.

2. The Alfie surgery is a “last resort”.  Someone close to the team, and indirectly  involved in training, has indicated that the surgery Alfie will undergo is not any sort of guarantee of improvement, but the recovery, and associated risks are assured.  However, if successful, Alfie can expect, at least, a near 100% improvement in his back condition, in the short-term (1-5 yrs), or, in best case scenario, for life.

Here’s hoping Alfie, who, if anyone has proven able to recover quickly, has a speedy heal, and a huge improvement.

If not…I fear the end is nigh.

3. “The coach is done, pending completion of the Calder Cup”.  That was a message given to me through a source who was speaking to someone within the Sens organization.  No names revealed.

So, does this mean Kurt Kleinendorst is the man, or that the naming of a new coach, prior to the Bingo coach getting an interview, would be crass considering his teams post-season performance?

Dunno…ah, third hand information, third hand dis-information can be the only real conclusion, but the fact remains the coach will be named very soon.

I remain hopeful that the next coach has NHL experience…but I remain worried Big Mel has his own ideas.



One Response to “A Few Quick Hits”

  1. If it’s Dave Cameron… they just set the re-build back.

    I’m all for Muller or McLean with KK as asst coach.

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