ATL to be WPG – Ladd to be Hadd?

Comments from the new ownership of the ATL/WPG franchise indicate they intend to build through the through the draft and AHL player development.

Comments from the ownership of the ATL/WPG franchise indicate the team needs financial success in the next 3-5 yrs.

Comments from the new ownership of the ATL/WPG franchise indicate they know financial prudence will be critical to the success of this teams long-term viability.

So where does this leave impending UFA, current RFA, Andrew Ladd?

Who knows, but it is fair to assume that, with just one year remaining before reaching UFA status, Andrew Ladd expects a big payday in return for preempting his unrestricted status.

We also know that earlier talks with ATL broke down over (minor) financial issues…did the current ownership play a role in the fact no new negotiations have taken place?

It would also be fair to assume WPG will be flipping every penny before being spent, and spending big, and long-term, for a player with just one above average season under his belt, is a long way from being a done deal.

So, does this make the 25 year old LW’er available?


Now, if ever, is the time to trade a player you do not intend to crack open the wallet for long-term.  Do it now, before the fans get invested in him, and while the fans would be happy to watch a team of goats wearing NHL sweaters.

Don’t wait and risk losing him for nothing via FA, or worse, cornered into signing a long-term deal you’re not commited to, but feel fan pressured to get done.

No doubt the team will openly entertain offers on the RFA, but it is hard to know how interested they are in signing him, or how interested he is in signing.  Thus, what they will expect in return, remains difficult to predict.

Would Ottawa have interest in Ladd?

Absolutely, but again, it is very hard to know how much interest.  The Senators have been rather mixed in their messages about what is meant by “re-tooling”.

Is it a 2 yr., 3 yr., 5 yr. plan?

I myself do not believe Big Mel can control himself, and will, at the first opportunity, hand over his wallet if he believes it can help improve his teams short-term performance, while not hurting its long-term potential.

A young, scoring winger, with two Cup rings, is both a good short-term and long-term investment, if coming for the right price.  And with the new depth in prospects, and a wealth of picks, Ottawa might just be able to swing a deal in which WPG reduces its short-term financial commitments, while adding to the teams over-all depth.

I would think a deal, if it were to be done, would look something like this;

Regin, Lee, Daugavins, Kuba, 35th pick


Andrew Ladd, Ron Hainsey.

Yes, WPG loses a talented young winger, and does not receive equal talent in return, but they do shed significant salary commitments, gain needed blueline depth, centre iceman depth and prospect depth.

I believe, Sens or not, Ladd will be moved, prior to the draft.



One Response to “ATL to be WPG – Ladd to be Hadd?”

  1. I’d trade Michalek for Ladd, but since we are talking adding a top 6 LW, then we’d need to keep Michalek so I see some credence to this. You rarely see 5 for 2 type scenarios, but this is really 3 NHLers and 2 prospects for 2 solid roster pieces.
    I know Ladd has his haters, but you can’t argue with his stats – the even strength production with Chicago is what stands out to me. His leadership potential could help ease the transition for when Alfie hangs em up (.
    I like this move – frees up the blueline log jam a little bit for the Sens (Lee, Kuba gone for Hainsey). For WPG it gives youth, prospects, salary. Kuba the exception – he’s looking to bounce back, could have a good year as the yin to Bufuglien’s yang. And trade fodder at the deadline. The odd man out if he remains here.
    BM id probably more focussed on the coaching spot for now. Kevin Dineen out of the coaching pool – not sure if he was on the Sens list.
    Be interesting to see if the Sens make a move like this or one to move up in the draft. Love to see them move up to get #4 or 5 AND keep #6. Imagine 2 of Strome, Landeskog or Couturier. With a move like above and this one the team could be deadly in two years, and possible turn heads this year.

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