Waiting For The River.

I haven’t been blogging, because frankly, there is nothing to say.

There have been some signings, but neither of them have come as any sort of surprise, making them as news-worthy as the weather.

The fact is, until Stanley comes out of his box for a few jubilant laps, or a coach is signed, us Sens fans will just keep looking at our cards, waiting for the river to be flipped.

The real news will begin soon enough, likely before the draft, but until then, I intend to continue enjoying play-off hockey, rather than try to make something out of nothing.



4 Responses to “Waiting For The River.”

  1. Carver55 Says:

    Wouldn’t mind hearing/reading your take on the top ten draft prospects in this years draft. Just interested in your opinion of any of these players or anyone who stands out in your opinion.

    • When we get closer to the draft I’ll do some postings on this event.
      But, I believe there will be some action prior to the draft, and not just the coach, that will better dictate what approach the Sens will take on draft day.

  2. misterutterbag Says:

    Just letting you know I watch a few sens bloggers sites, and yours is consistently negative for really no reason I can tell.

    As the previous poster mentioned you could say something about the draft, and your take/predictions. And thoughts about coaches.

    I don’t expect to read yours anymore if this negativity continues.

    Just figured you oughtta know. One man’s perpective.

    • Just letting you know…I could care-less misterutterbag. Do you see all of the ads on my site?
      This is a blog, I do for myself, not a business.
      Or, do I owe you something, but forgot?

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