Move It Or Use It?

A few posts back I hinted that the Sens were going to entertain any and all options going into this draft, and the slippage from 5th to 6th will no doubt only increase this possibility.

I’ve been told that calls have already been made in relation to acquiring the Sens pick, and some of these calls have come from franchises currently picking in the top 5.

Based upon information I have received, I expect the Senators will aggressively look to move up in the draft, and be willing to put in play their two first round picks, or a defensive prospect, in order select a specific player.

Failing this, expect a strong play for pending RFA Zach Parise.

This franchise is hell-bent on landing a young franchise top 6 forward, before the start of next season, and is ready, willing and able to make the big moves to make it happen.

This will not be the summer of UFA signings, it will be a summer devoted to re-building the offensive for the next 5+ years.

Murray has been re-upped to make this happen, and the trading of Fisher and Kelly were integral in acquiring the picks and cap space to provide the franchise with multiple options in getting the mission accomplished.



6 Responses to “Move It Or Use It?”

  1. I think a deal with Florida and NYI can be easily attained since Florida will probably look for a center with their pick and I believe Huberdeau can be had at 6th and the islanders are probably aiming for a defencemen so they could move to 6th which is probably where the next defenceman should be taken if not lower.Ottawa would probably do this to get Landeskog since he makes the most sense at 3rd overall.Look for RNH to be 1st and Larsson 2nd.The only thing that could prevent us from getting Landeskog is the Panthers grabbing him but if they want to rebuild completely,they’ll want a centre.

  2. Differing Opinion Says:

    Not putting a lot of trust in Murray’s ability to sign or trade for talent.
    He’s generally overpaid in term or trades or made mistakes (keeping Elliott would have given us a top 3 pick). Either way, we can only hope that someone taps him on the shoulder if he tries to sell the farm.

  3. It has been rumoured that Murray has had preliminary talks with the Avs about the 2nd overall.
    Murray is NOT going to sell the farm. That was Muckler.
    Murray wants to grow and develop the prospects. So since this is the 1st yr for most of his picks to hit pro… we have seen the development in Bingo making the playoffs for the 1st time since the lockout.
    Ask any of the Binghamton Sens fans what their opinion of their AHL team during the Muckler years.. I don’t think you would get a very positive response.

    As for Elliott.. yes Sens would have picked about 3 spots higher in the draft. But consider this, IF Elliott had of stayed — you had up to 8 AHL call-ups in the lineup. Now how would they feel when every mistake they made on the ice ended up in the back of the net. I’m sure we would see a different attitude for those young guys… not the confidence they were playing with — when Anderson was in net.

    Sooner have Anderson going into next season.. at least he appears to be better than what the Sens have had for years.

    I personally don’t think Murray will be able to get that top 6 forward through a trade. He would have to give up a lot to do that.. and I don’t know if it’s worth it.

    Go with youth this next season..and in 2012 when the UFA crop is better.. then hunt for your top 6 forward.

  4. Giving up one or both 1st rounders for Parise? Does that strike anyone as a risk? Are we saying Huberdeau or Strome or whomever is around at #6 would not be a franchise player? Or is it the more instant “success” we’re after? And not having to wait 3 or 4 years for development.

    I could see NJ wanting picks, given their usual mantra of not spending large dollars to keep skilled players and the state of their team – older stars soon done. Ok Kovalchuk was the exception, but they are married to him for awhile and now don’t have room for many more big dollar superstars.

    I’d almost rather keep the two picks and try to get one UFA that can score.

    Foligno promises big things – given that he did not improve (on the score sheet) this year, and had some comment about not going to the worlds for the US to train for next season, implies he’s planning to get more fit – probably under some Stamkos-Roberts type program in hopes to be faster and stronger. Whether this translates into a Corey Perry style coming out party remains to be seen. A new coach may help too.

    We still have Regin and Foligno plus some of the young guys that could surprise and live up to expectations (20 goal scorers).

    The team was 10 wins out of a playoff spot this year. That’s not alot when you have solid goaltending and a few more goals. 25 or 30 more goals and .5 goals less against per game is not much to attain. You gotta ask if giving up a couple of high prospects for one player will give you that, when you should be able to make it up with the talent you have.

    Unless I was blown away by the offer I’d hang on to the picks. Use it not move it.

    • Just wanted to add that I’m not dumping on the choice of Parise – 4 consecutive 30+ goal seasons, 2 60+ points then 94 and 82 have him in Spezza territory. Sens have cap space for a guy that will probably want 7M+. For a former 17th overall pick? Who missed 69 games and put up 6 pts in the 13 games played? 5’11 190lbs. What’s the cost? Where do you put the value at?

      Would look good with Spezza. Imagine him, Spezza and Condra (Butler or Alfie) on the top line.

      Maybe Spezza returns to 90 pts. Alfie at 70. Those 30 goals are there in spades.

      Cost? The 2 firsts? and Regin or Wiercioch? More?

  5. Think of what Ottawa would want for Spezza and you get an idea of what Lou will demand for Parise. He’s a PPG forward entering the prime of his career and with the oh-so-precious intangibles that New Jersey loves.

    If NJ’s even entertaining offers, they will demand Karlsson and Ottawa’s first to make it happen, in addition to another 2nd rounder/prospect.

    I’d say it’s much more likely that Lou tries and succeeds in moving one of their bigger contracts (Rolston, Elias or Zubrus) to a team with cap space in search of veteran leadership. Especially if he sweetens the pot with a prospect or pick.

    Ottawa should be looking to make a trade with Philly – who will need to move out at least one big contract to make room for Giroux and Versteeg’s raises next season. A player like Hartnell may become available for a decent prospect and a pick.

    As for moving up – this year’s draft rankings seems like a pretty fluid list – I’d rather see Ottawa hold onto all their picks and let the scouts do their job. The fact that Edmonton is already shopping the first overall should tell people that there are no slam-dunks this year.

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