Clouston Firing Closes The Book On Dreadful 2010/11 Campaign

The teams next worst kept secret has been revealed, Clouston, and two of his on ice coaching staff have been released.

The only surprise, if it can be called such, is the firing of Greg Carvel, the only assistant to have survived the firing of the franchises 3 previous coaches.

The replacement coach, expected to be Melnyk’s OHL man, and former Bingo coach, Dave Cameron, has not yet been announced.

But, if the secrets keep coming as expected, this will be announced immediately after the conclusion of the Memorial Cup.




3 Responses to “Clouston Firing Closes The Book On Dreadful 2010/11 Campaign”

  1. I’m a bit surprised. I thought Murray would extend him another year. A full season with a group that will play for him. Obviously these youngsters will.

    At any rate, I’m with the side that thinks an experienced man needs to be put in the role – I’d look at MacT. Good record as coach of Edmonton, former player, has a couple cups, coached the team to the finals. And his time as an analyst should have given him plenty of time to figure out how to coach in the post lockout, post trapping era.

    I’m not convinced going with a rookie NHL coach – like bringing in Dave Cameron would be a wise move. Why not stick with Clouston if that’s the route you want to go?

    Perhaps Carvel was dropped because he is the common denominator between Paddock, Hartsberg and Clouston. Maybe he should have been shown the door with Eli Wilson.

  2. Clouston was the fall guy. You can’t win in this league, Mr. Murray, if you have bad goaltending — that’s what he had for most of his time here. The young guys played for him. Spezza thrived under Clouston… growing his game, working hard. Spezza should be an example to those veteran players who thumbed their noses at Clouston. Shame on them.

    Bringing in Cameron as Head Coach — leads to disaster. It is Hartsburg 2.0. The Sens will be out of the playoff picture by Christmas & coach gone by New Year’s.
    Let go an inexperienced NHL coach to get one with even less experience.
    Cameron can be brought in as assistant coach.. but definitely NOT head coach.
    Kirk Muller, Larry Robinson, Lindy Ruff (if he is available) would be the right choices in my opinion.
    Dave Cameron, Randy Cunneyworth, Mike Eaves — good choices for asst coaches..

    Do it right this time Mr. Murray.

  3. Sorry there Sandy, but a good portion of his goalie issues were self-inflicted. He couldn’t manage goalies to save his life. There were enough times that he had the option of choosing between a healthy Leclaire vs. a shitty Elliot, and he would always choose Elliot and give him a long leash (like 5 or 6 goals before he was pulled, while Leclaire was pulled after one or two). I don’t think we would have beaten the Pens last year in the first round, but at least it would have been more interesting.

    And don’t get me started on his line management, and that he is good with the young guys garbage. Is sitting Da Costa for a full period in his second NHL game (a meaningless one at that) good for development? The guy was a complete joke of a coach and should have been canned long ago. Plenty of better coaches have been fired for far less.

    We better get a veteran coach this time because I’m sick of looking for that diamond in the rough (or is that cubic zirconia?). If none is available, then Muller sounds like a good choice.

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