3 At Last, 3 At Last, Thank God Almighty, 3 At Last.

To say the least, this has been a difficult season.

To begin the season, we fans had to suffer through terrible play, setting up the futility that would become the 10/11 campaign.

Then, in some ways at least, it became worse.

We fans watched the team we knew get dismantled, not in an air of success, a la Blackhawks, but rather in an air of failure, a la Thrashers.

Now, I know there have been some reasons for optimism, but, at the end of the season, that is all we have, feelings, generally mixed, at best.

I think this has had an impact on my blogging.  I have been busy, but unlike in the past, I haven’t made time to post.  Not because I’ve “quit”, but because, honestly, I haven’t known what to say.

I am reticent to make too much of any late season rally, or “no pressure” performances, and, at least in part, the performance versus the Leafs vindicate that opinion.  When some pressure was applied, the Sens – except for Spezza – failed to deliver.

With every win, came a worsening in the draft ranking.

With every loss came reminders of the failure that was this season.

I was left feeling like any post I made (or, hence, feelings I had) were indications of either sycophantic positivity, or clinical depression.

So I didn’t post.

I’d rather say nothing, because I have nothing to say, than say a lot…of nothing.

Now, with just 3 games remaining, one part of this sad tale of woe is about to – mercifully – come to a close.

I remain completely and absolutely positive in my belief that, if nothing else, all things in sport are cyclical, both the good, and the bad, and as such, this too shall pass.

Maybe, with the close of this season, I can more succinctly frame my thoughts, and more easily put finger to key.

But right now, all too often, it’s not the keys I want to give the finger, lol!



5 Responses to “3 At Last, 3 At Last, Thank God Almighty, 3 At Last.”

  1. Couple of good things this season.

    Spezza has looked amazing since coming back from his injury. He has played on the PK — which until the Leaf game killed 76 of 79 penalties while using a lot of the rookies. That to me is a very good accomplishment. He is leading the way for these young players.

    The young guys are getting NHL experience which will help them going into next season. It also gives the team an idea on what they have going forward and what these young men have to do to earn that NHL spot next season.

    I particularly like Greening. Good size, speed and has a nice shot. He has made some good defensive plays.

    With Anderson in net the Sens are more stable in goal going into next season. He is not Price, Brodeur, Lundquist.. but I just want a steady goaltender which is what he is.

    I’m excited for next season — watching this young team compete — and also Cowen & Rundblad joining the D… who leaves and who stays?

  2. Carver55 Says:

    They may decide to let Gonchar go – trade, they certainly have to look at Kuba as a buy-out or if there were any takers, a trade. Brian Lee has improved enough that he has value as trade bait in a package deal. Murray may trade up to a higher pick which may involve Adam Larsson. I see that Philly has put Leighton on re-entry waivers – do the Sens pick him up as a back-up. Cheap at 900K. The Sens have enough bait to make some interesting trades/moves this spring. All speculation, but its better than watching the Leafs try to make the playoffs!

  3. I for one am glad the Leafs are out. I was getting sick and tired of TSN/Sportsnet/CBC constantly talking them up. It was like they were the only team fighting for a playoff spot.

    If Ottawa ends up 5th in the lottery… what/who would they have to add to that pick to move up to top 3… if they even can.

    • Carver55 Says:

      I don’t know what they would have to give up, but I do know that Murray can be crafty at times. Maybe it would take our first and a high second round pick. I don’t know the value of the 2nd or 3rd overall pick itself – hell we might even win the lottery! If it is the status-quo I know I would be willing to give up our first and one of our d-prospects (not just anyone) for the first overall pick. I believe that if we could get our hands on Larrson then we should. I know we need forwards, but this guy is a potential diamond in the rough. They are rare. That’s my two cents worth anyway.

    • Having TO get eliminated from making it was almost as enjoyable as when Ottawa makes it. The leafs can have 9th place forever as far as I’m concerned.

      How about the Murray 3 year extension? I’d love to see what Deer in the headlights and Murray retire yahoos on the sun comment section have to say about that. Now they have 3 more years of bitching to do. Me? It didn’t bother me one way or the other. Putting a new guy in could go either way – years of Islander style ‘success’ or immediate success. At least we know what we are getting with the devil we know.

      The team seems to be on the rise – I wouldn’t be surprised if The Little General got another year tacked on too. Murray can decide his fate now. If anything that extension was a good thing for CC’s chances.

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