Sens Continue Adding Depth, No Matter Da Costa

Yes, that’s a bad pun…but come on, with a name like Da Costa, you HAVE to do something, right?

But the truth of the matter is Murray continues to add depth to this teams roster, something it desperately needed, re-build or no.

Winchester, Butler and now Da Costa, all three from the “free wallet” NCAA and, presumably, all NHL bound.

If I found one free wallet (without ID, of course) I’d be giddy, if I found two, I’d buy a lottery ticket, if I found three…there are no words.

But Murray has found three and that is a major accomplishment that will pay dividends for years to come.  Remember, unlike a draft pick, even a first rounder out of the top 5, these kids are both more proven, and more developed, both physically and mentally.  All three of these picks are the equivalent of a “free” first rounder, if not even better.

For this Murray must receive heavy praise, as should Melnyk, and the organization as a whole.

Now, on to the ice.  Oh why must they win?  I readily admit I can’t stand losing, and was upset at the results vs. Tampa, but I hate winning too…what a terrible situation for a fan, truly terrible.

Tonight we fans face another “Damned if you do…” situation.  One part of me absolutely craves the opportunity to impale the Leafs play-off hopes through the heart, but the other hate’s the thought of losing all important draft positioning, for fleeting short-term frivolity.

I remain deeply, deeply divided…is this the definition of win/win, or lose/lose?



4 Responses to “Sens Continue Adding Depth, No Matter Da Costa”

  1. BonjourFan69 Says:

    Bonjour Le Da Costa! Viva le Bryan Murray!

  2. I want a win tonight to help put the nail in the Leafs coffin. Also hoping for a win against the bloody Habs who I hope keep on losing.

    You also forgot to mention the 20 yr old UFA – Wacey Hamilton who the Sens signed a little while ago.

    That’s two UFA’s this season they have signed… just like to ‘free’ draft picks.
    Now how creative can Murray be at the draft to move up?

  3. Carver55 Says:

    I’ll always take the win – especially against the Leafs!

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