Another Dandy From Andy

I’ve yet to give my .02 on the Andy signing, but, based upon some of my previous statements, it should be pretty obvious where I stand on it.

I like it, I like it a lot.

And last night made clear why I like this signing.  Not because Andy is a sure-fire, elite #1, but because he is a legitimate #1, who has chosen to be here.

He wasn’t traded here with term.

He wasn’t locked in by a RFA situation.

He isn’t here just because the money was too good to refuse, he didn’t even test free agency.

He’s here because he wants to play in this city, for this management group, for this roster.

Last night highlighted the difference solid goaltending can make for a team.  The Sens were able to take advantage of a lack-luster Rangers, but, come the 3rd period, the game changed, and the Rangers clearly highlighted why they’re higher in the standings.

If not for Anderson, there was no way Ottawa would win that game, absolutely no way.

On the other coast, we had the opportunity to witness what happens when you’re lacking a legitimate #1.  Colorado, and Elliott, once again were lit up, due to some very weak goaltending…the kind of goaltending Ottawa received for the vast majority of this past season.

Would Ottawa have made the post season had Andy been here from the start?

Who knows, but the odds would have been much, much better, that’s for damn sure.



2 Responses to “Another Dandy From Andy”

  1. If Anderson was with the Sens from the beginning.. yes the Sens would have made the playoffs.

    Right now are they not 10 wins out of 8th? (or something like that). Looking back over the season with Anderson.. 10+ extra wins would have definitely been there.

    But seeing how this season played out was a blessing. This team needed to get younger.. so to have such a horrible beginning made management make the decision to re-build the roster. It was the right time.

    Greening & Butler with Spezza have been very good. They are playing against the other teams top checkers and are still contributing.

    It’s letting Ottawa see what they have for next year. With the injured players back in Alfie, Michalek, Regin, Gonchar — adding in Condra, Greening & Butler + the others — and Anderson… this team will be battling for a playoff spot — providing no key long-term injuries, especially to Spezza. He is the key to the team now.

    The future looks good. The re-build may not take as long as we first thought (probably 2 – 3 yrs) … at least not the Leaf plan of the 7+ years of re-building.

    • Carver55 Says:

      Agreed. Even with Anderson I don’t believe we would have made the finals – so – I would rather have a top 5 pick and a new young team that may in the near future make it to the finals.

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