What A Difference A Save Makes.

I’ve been quiet since the deadline.

Quietly smiling to myself.

Craig Anderson is the reason for my being quiet, and smiling.

It has been so long since I have watched a Ottawa Senator goaltender lead from the blue paint, and with his competence inspire and invigorate the skaters in front of him.

Craig Anderson is a hockey goaltender, he see’s the game like a top end centreman.  He appears to be a step ahead of the play, and in so doing get’s himself into position before the puck is released.

Add to this his excellent battle ability, and when he finds himself out of position, or facing a “second effort” save, more often than not he’s been up to the challenge.

Last but not least is his puck control, and by default, game control.  He directs traffic, plays the puck, and keeps his opposition guessing in terms of which side of the net the play will develop from.

Basically, he has been nothing short of something to smile about, in an otherwise gloomy season.



12 Responses to “What A Difference A Save Makes.”

  1. Glad you like him. Glad he’s not in the west anymore, at least for now. Hope you can keep him:)

  2. Dazillion Says:

    Would you pay $3.5 for 4 to keep him? I’m not asking facetiously. That might be what it takes. Would you do it?

    It has been a hell of a performance…

    • I’m not sure what it will take to land him. Rumour has it he turned down a 3+M deal with COL last season, but things have changed since then as this has not been a Vez candidate year for Andy.
      I would suspect term matters as much as $$$. The longer the term, the less the money.

    • Dazillion Says:

      Well, turns out to be $3.2 for 4. Not a bad prediction, eh?

  3. It gets gloomier (Draft pick) every time we win – just kidding – he’s something we’ve never had between the pipes. Love the energy these wins have brought to the club. Based on Anderson’s agent’s comments it looks like we definitely have a chance of signing him.

    • Very good chance to land him as not many teams can either afford, or do not already have a number one, at least on the books.
      As well, with Bryz and Vok’s coming due, he is hardly the only quality stopper with UFA rights this summer.
      I suspect Andy recognizes the quality of this org. and the fact that, should he sign here, he will be the go to guy…which every goaltender wants, even more than big $$$.

  4. Niemi’s deal will be a metric so I’m guessing low 3 to 3.5M. I’d go as high as 3.6 cap hit over 3 maybe 4 years. We got screwed by Leclaire and his 3.8 and Anderson is 10x better (really – positioning – confidence, puck handling + intangibles). There is injury risk – since he just got over one that messed up this season, but he can’t be as fragile as Pascal (or is that Glasscal), can he?

    Anderson will be more valuable to the team than Gonchar @ 5.5M.

    But at least there are other options if Murray can’t work out a deal.

    Too bad Svatos hasn’t made an impact – maybe he would sign a cheap 2 way though and would be a good pickup. Shannon is making a strong case for himself.

    It all makes you wonder what would have happened if we had been able to get Anderson sooner – 4 or 5 more wins and we’d have the same technicolour playoff dreams as the leafs. What do you think made the bigger impact – getting Anderson, trading the favourites + Kovalev/Ruutu, or both?

    Regardless, things are looking up …

  5. Love the site, wish there was more posts though. You have an interesting less filtered take but with nothing to read its hard to compare. Keep it coming I will be back, just speaking my mind. I am a sens junkie and like reading stories and talking about them, kind of a boring person selfishly needing more info to devour. No anger no venom, its always so hard to tell tone on the net.

  6. Is he the real deal? He is 29 years old with one good year as a backup in FLA, one good year in COL and 8-9 good games in OTT. There were no high expectations on the Avs last year. This year, when there were expectations it hasn’t worked out. I would love to see this guy work out but is he just a guy who plays well when there’s little on the line?

  7. I think Anderson is the real deal, but he um… has an little bit of an injury history. That could interfere with him getting a super high contract from anyone. Also tends to interfere with him playing sometimes.

    Hope he’s not out again. Or not out for long. Hope they can do something about whatever it is over the summer.

  8. Whatever the case this is his defining contract. 12.75M for 4 was pretty good. Considering Phillips got a similar deal (cap hit) only a year shorter, who do you think is more valuable to the team? Unless the injuries pile up or he drops to .900, this was perfect.

    If he performs well over the term, at 33 he’ll be up for renewal and another payday.

    All goalies have slumps even the gods, so expect there to be those 4 and 5 goal games. People nixing the deal saying he’s a career backup and only had 1 good season, are pure genious, go get your Nobel prize. What makes a #1? Someone drafted in the first round and plays starter from age 19? Hell, even jesus Price had a shit year, and he was touted as jesus de Montreal for how long? Belfour, Joseph, Brodeur, Turco, Hasek, Thomas, Kiprusoff, even Roy all have had periods of stink, so it’s bound to happen to this guy. I just hope the damn trolls, haters, other shower sacs and suck holes (here’s lookin at you Brennan) will F off when it happens. With the stink comes great friggin lights out goaltending, so let’s enjoy those times and sit back and lament over a pint during the other times. No risk, No reward.

    This was a good signing and we have a good goaltender.

    McElhinney might not be a bad pickup as a backup for 2 years as well.

    Lehner needs AHL time, give it to him, call him up when needed and maybe he slides to the backup role in 2013.

    The goaltending plan looks sound. A couple of high octane forwards and this team will be exciting again. Maybe the rebuild is only 2 or 3 years long.

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