Here’s What I’m Hearing – RUMOURS

RUMOURS in bold, you know the drill…

There has been a lot of chatter about a deal between Ottawa and Edmonton.

Both teams are in a re-build situation, albeit Edmonton a year or two ahead of Ottawa, and both teams are looking to bolster key areas in which they lack prospect depth.

What is interesting is that Edmonton is deep on forwards, while Ottawa is deep on defense.

There is talk that the two are trying to make a trade to “balance” their respective prospect pools.

Makes sense, at least on the surface, but in all things, the devil’s in the details.

As for Gonchar, Kuba, Lee and Campoli, I’m not so sure there is the rush to make trade.  If a good one presents itself, no doubt Murray will gladly take it, but I do not believe he is willing to dump a dman for little or nothing.

I have heard rumours that Gonchar is being shopped (not at his request, per se, but no doubt he didn’t sign with an intention to mentor through a rebuild), and there is some interest, but again, this may be more easily done in the off-season considering his salary.

If Ottawa makes a move today, expect it very, very close to the deadline.



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