And “The Plan” Thickens…

First off, I’m not a “firster”, I find it rather banal to be honest.  My source gave me info, I’ve passed it along.

If my site was or was not the first to hit the bloggosphere with the deal is irrelevant, as no doubt others had this info as well.

There’s no way the first person to learn of this deal was my source, who immediately contacted me, who broke it…get real, and it’s a mugs game anyhow.

But, what was interesting was the way the source was adamant this deal would happen.

I’m happy to have provided “solid” info leading up to the signing, making my posts worth reading in terms of following the Phillips situation, and the over-all direction of the Senators.

I’m a fan and I too want to know what is going on, if I can pass along some interesting “insider” info, to compliment my personal opinions, then all the better.

But, always remember, RUMOURS are RUMOURS, no matter the source.

Alright enough of that silliness, just consider me an outsider, o.k?

As for “the plan”, it becomes more clear with every move and signing.  obviously Melnyk sees Phillips as a part of the plan, as there is no-way this signing was done without his consent, and there is no-way the Sens “had” to make this deal.

If they could deal Fisher and Kelly, they could have delt Phillips.

They didn’t, because they wanted to keep him.  My source was clear that this deal was desired by those on both sides, and for that I’m glad this deal was done.

So, the leadership team will be Phillips, Spezza and Alfredsson.

Seems good to me.



4 Responses to “And “The Plan” Thickens…”

  1. Disclaimers aside, you were the first that I saw (I think you even beat Garrioch and the TSN guys by a few seconds, not to mention Chirpy etc.).

    That gives you some street cred Gerald. Well done.

    I’m also happy with the signing the more I think about it…

    Melnyk and Murray seem to have separated the vets into two categories: wanted and not wanted for the rebuild. Keeping guys like Phillips (for the young D) and Spezza (it would be offensive suicide to trade a relatively young, elite top centre at this point) and Alfie (for all the young Swedes) makes perfect sense.

    The role player guys and the grinders can be replaced and are more effective on a cup run. And the primadonas aren’t very helpful in a rebuild, when we need the young guys to listen to the coaches and the leaders (good riddance Kovy).

  2. Wow, it is worth it just to see Oman this positive.

    The intangibles are and will be very difficult to measure but a team needs a core, I think. This would seem to be as good as any.

    • Haha. I thought I was usually pretty positive…. no?

      Guess I did tear a strip off Kovy on his way out, but that was very therapeutic. I’ve got that out of my system now and I’m getting stoked about the rebuild. This team has been off the rails for long enough. I understand why they tried to hold it together for so long, but they were flogging a dead horse.

      Can’t wait to see who we draft this year!

  3. True enough, you are generally positive and incredibly positive compared to some comments provided in the variety of places I read. I think that is hope that makes it all so much more interesting than the interval from Jan to the start of the trades. A them moment, it is all we have. But it is as good a place as any to move forward.

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