(UPDATE – 2) Phillips – Signed. Done Deal

(UPDATE 2 – Source says, and I quote; “Yes, they closed the gap between 2.900 & 3.225, settled at 3.083M/yr. with an improved RMC, sorry, jumped the gun when I heard it was signed, assumed the Sens held their 2.9M/yr. offer…”)

(UPDATE – TSN has it @9.25/3yrs, have not heard back from my source, they broke the signing, have been on the money all day, but may have the final number wrong, time will tell.  Thanks “source” you were awesome!)

Source says “it’s done, Phillips has signed for  2.9M/ 3yrs.”

What do you think?



4 Responses to “(UPDATE – 2) Phillips – Signed. Done Deal”

  1. If this is true, it seems like a bit much, but it would be somewhat of a relief. He’ll be great with the kids, especially Cowen, aka Chara II. It might have been nice for him to go off as a rental to get the team a pick, but I bet that would be a weird feeling for him to come back after a run with another team and I’m sure it would be a strain on his family. So, if true, good for Phillips.

  2. .5 minutes ago, SunGarrioch said: Chris Phillips has agreed to a three year deal worth approximately $9 million to stay in Ottawa
    half a minute ago via web.

    Guess your source was good.

  3. Regular reader and infrequent poster. Congratulations; your source was good, very good. Saw the reports on this site when the major players and usual rumor sites had nada. Felt I should give credit where credit is due. I realize this is NOT the primary focus of the site but a nice bonus nonetheless. I think the deal is fair for both sides.


    • Im not an “insider”. Personally, I have ZERO contact with anyone in the inner circle, but I do have some solid sources who are well connected around the league.
      The “source” borke it, I’m just their medium, and I’ll be honest, you never know when you pass along rumours if they’re solid or not, but this person has been money in the past.
      As for the deal, I’m good with it, the team does need leadership, no successful re-build has been done without solid vets to guide the rookies.
      Philly has leadership in spades, and his wanting to stay looks very good on the organization.


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