(UPDATE #3 – 21:50) Phillips – “Deal is as good as done”

(UPDATE 3) – Source indicates gap is @0.325M/yr.

(UPDATE 2 – Source indicates Sens recently moved on their “final offer” of 8.25/3.  The “real” gap is “peanuts” but Sens are done, now it is up to Phillips to “stay or walk”…they insist “this will be done” as Phillips wants to stay and is shocked the Sens moved up $$$…)

(UPDATE  1- Source is standing behind their statement, saying “this will be done, as indicated, both sides want it to happen”…I myself remain wedged firmly on the fence as to how this will conclude)

I have just been informed that Phillips extension is “as good as done”.

The deal has “a 2.75 cap hit, 3 yr. term, some form of RMC involved”.

Announcement will come “anytime”.

We’ll see soon enough.



10 Responses to “(UPDATE #3 – 21:50) Phillips – “Deal is as good as done””

  1. Bob MacKenzie & Darren Dreger @ TSN are both saying contract talks are not going good. They are far apart.

    Yourself, Senschirp & Yost say they are inching closer.

    So what is it?

  2. Phillips rejected the contract.

    I read talks still ongoing.

    • To be fair, I’m saying I have no idea, but a source close to the situations indicates they believe it is done…

  3. That would be about right – even 9 over 4 with bonuses – 3, 3, 2, 1, would be good. Can retire at 36 and run a hockey school like Fisher’s to keep up with his community work :). He’s not gonna be like Chelios and play til he’s nearly in a wheelchair. I’d like to know what the gap is. From the sound of the interview and his delaying getting undressed after the game though – he expects to be dealt.

    Sad. While i think he’s in decline – he’ll have something left in the tank and be solid for a couple of years, and would be one of the vets to keep around.

    All answers will be made tomorrow. At least then until draft day.

    I think the McCabe trade has pretty much blown the chance of Kuba being moved. Sad, because he’s been reasonably solid lately too.

  4. And last nights game was a gem. I wasn’t impressed with Wick before but last night he showed he could be a capable 3rd liner – won battles, cycled well and just played a solid game. Condra had some luck and played great as well. Gives us something to be hopeful for anyway. Yes the first 20 minutes were bad, but they responded and played the last 40 perfectly. Not bad for a back to back games and against the top Eastern team.

  5. It depends on who Phillips’ partner may be next season (if he stays in Ottawa that is). Having Karlsson probably did not help.

    I like Karlssen as much as the next person.. but his defensive skills are lacking… and that put added pressure on Phillips to try to cover up for him. Add to that bad goaltending… and you have a bad year overall.

    He has been playing better when partnered with Lee.. we shall see.

    I prefer he stays.

  6. If the gap is 325K a year… split the difference and give him the 150K extra a year.
    Won’t break the bank or hurt the salary cap.. as Sens will be near the cap floor anyway.

  7. He certainly didn’t get Volchenkov money. And that’s a relief because Volchenkov was overpaid and isn’t that much better than Big Rig. The 2.5 cap hit was better, but think of this like the gap between Smyth with the Oilers. Phillips would never mean to another organization what he means/meant to this one. At least he had the class to allow the deal to be made and not stick to a 4M or else posture.

    • Agreed, and I do believe he would have landed more on the open market.
      I see this as a leadership signing more than a talent signing, and on that front, for that cap hit, he easily fits the bill, IMO.

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