I thought they might pull that one out at the last-minute.

What matters to me is performance, not wins, and last night the Sens performed well, particularly considering the teams injury woes.

Anderson had another solid game (none of those goals reflected poorly on him), and the team in front of him was decent to good.

The only worry was Karlsson, whose decision-making continues to fail him.  Lil’ E has to just calm down and learn to let defensive plays come to him, not try to force so much when there is no percentage in it.

He’ll get it as the mistakes come from wrong effort, not poor effort, and that is a HUGE difference.

I do wish someone would have crunched a player other than Kaleta, and then pointed to him, to let him know the cost to his team of his running around.

Hey Colin, that was a golden opportunity to get noticed by fans, team-mates, and management alike, if you had used your size and speed to bury someone in response to Kaleta’s scumbaggery.

But I’m sure the message was to stay focused on winning the game…too bad, IMO.




One Response to “Phew…”

  1. Have to agree on running a player not named Kaleta. That’s what the pest wants you to do: focus on him and get off your game. The best retaliation is to hit another one of their skilled players. I think that’s a more effective message that trying to get him to drop the gloves when he obviously doesn’t want to and knows he doesn’t have to.

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