Chitter, Chatter, This ‘n’ Thatter (Update)

Update On Alfie – Forgot to mention, from same source as below, Alfredssons’ situation remains a closely guarded secret, but intimates the very real injury is not “career” threatening, and that the Club see’s future value in Alfredsson, and are “looking to the future” in keeping Alfie off of the ice.  Sorry for being so cryptic, but like I said, the full truth of the Alfie situation is being held close to the vest.

A note on Kovalev, according to a source within the Sens, it was Pittsburgh or nothing, and Murray gladly took what he could get…right to the end Kovalev put himself ahead of his professionalism.

As for Phillips, I’ve been told this continues to be a “negotiation”, but the “terms” have been agreed to, and apparently the terms are the producing of a list of acceptable trade destinations, should a deal not be made prior to deadline day. As such, either expect a deal by 08:00 Feb. 28th, or a trade.

This is an entirely goodwill negotiation, with both sides having to ask/face difficult questions of themselves, in looking beyond this season.  There is no animosity or undue-pressure being placed upon these negotiations beyond the obvious reality faced by both sides.

Will a deal get done?

Honestly, dead honestly, I really wouldn’t even hazard a guess.

As for the Sens themselves, wow, what a difference a trade makes. I’m not even remotely prepared to anoint Anderson as “Saviour”, but Law’d all mighty, how I’ve missed competent goaltending.

Last but not least, Bobby Butler & The Bingo Boys. Spirit, tenacity and drive…like competent goaltending, how refreshing.

Here’s to a great game, win, lose or shoot-out, and games versus Buffalo are almost always a good tilt.

BTW, this play is NOT NECESSARILY indicative of how challenging it will be to win/perform come next season. DO NOT make too much of anything accomplished in the remaining games of the season.



6 Responses to “Chitter, Chatter, This ‘n’ Thatter (Update)”

  1. We can take some hope with us at the very least. We weren’t going to win any horse race with the nags that we had – only a figure of speech not a commentary on some of the wonderful players that graced our city. It really is refreshing to see some young energy on the ice. Each win will slowly improve those players that will become the new core of OUR team. It is hard to put aside my passion to win and just enjoy the game as we begin the process of rebuilding. I was so pissed with our old team that I had forgotten how much fun it can be to watch a bunch of young kids playing a game they love and I love to watch!

    • You took the words out of my mouth Carver.

    • Are you a Wire fan?

      • By “Wire” do you mean Svatos?
        Well, if this is what you mean, yes and no.
        I’m all for trying to get something for nothing, and that certainly describes landing Svatos, but I also worry he may “showcase” himself into a nice contract, then disappear once geting paid.
        I highly doubt the downside risk is likely though.
        If he can develop some chemistry with a centre on the Sens, and turn into a Grabner…booya!

  2. True enough, watching guys battle hard and make the desperate plays certainly is fun at times. Young guys with everything on the line tend to move their feet and bring more energy. Right now they are fighting the lack of chemistry while they get used to each other. It’s like two halves of two teams being thrown together. Throw in a vocal goalie, and a waiver wire pickup and the results will either be entertaining or a bust on any given night. I think finishing at .500 (over the last 20) or a little better is not unreasonable expectations. 70 points – still enough for top 5 pick?

    Interesting that Svatos was a 7th round pick – the same return we got for Kovalev (so far).

    We saw how a team can perform at the end of the year and give promise for the next year when it was supposed to be better. I don’t mean to sound like a downer, but keeping your feet grounded and simply enjoying it for what it is will have to be the way to go.

    One things for sure, the organization won’t be doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. How many times has that been used in the blogosphere when talking about the Sens? Hopefully doing things differently won’t net the same result either. What’s that called?

    On the goaltending – maybe Anderson signs for a reasonable amount – or year to year, who knows? Unfortunately he reminds me of Tom Barrasso – I just hope I am wrong. Hope his head is not in the 3 year 12M range.

    I’d like to see goalie contracts with less base salary and more performance bonus. Like $2M base with $500K for 30+ wins and another $500K for above .915 save percentage. Still works as a 3M cap hit but then if he has more on the line may actually be more consistent. (This argument could be made for skaters as well – I know the rookies have bonuses that make their cap hits much more than the max salary – maybe the big guys should have heavy bonusses – up to 40% too).

    I find myself wanting more trades everytime I look at the web.
    How the hell will I get any work done on Monday?

    • No bonuses outside of ELC term..too bad IMO.
      The CBA needs either bonus terms or the right to walk away from contracts, as having neither is brutal, particularly when combined with a salary cap.

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