7th Heaven

Never, ever, has a 7th round pick been so appreciated.

Would a 6th, 5th, 4th, or 3rd be better?, of course, but a 7th is, for Ottawa at least, something for nothing, the hockey version of divining gold from iron.

So long Alex, and honestly, I hope you have a great run in Pittsburgh (bring on the 6th), no hard feelings, it’s water under the bridge, seriously, you’re a quality person and I’m not going to ignore that very important reality (but you sucked on the ice).

Hello Svatos, see ya Alex!



10 Responses to “7th Heaven”

  1. He must feel like a real “superstar” now though, eh? Will be interesting to see what he does for the pens.

  2. Good riddance you sluggish, selfish, self absorbed, over paid, on-ice liability.

    (Though I’m also sure you are a wonderful person beneath the infuriating on ice persona.)

  3. A little from column A, not so much from column B. 🙂

  4. Pretty much what I expected as a return for Kovalev. Svatos is low risk trial. Has shoulder issues so could be a bust but we need NHL ready players. Maybe another waiver move to fill a spot on the way? 7 Bingo players already – should only be at 3 or 4. Some of them are not NHL ready.

    Not like we need to win lots of games however – 9 or 10 wins should still guarantee a lottery pick.

    Good times. Now if Kuba could get moved. NYR?

  5. Did the Penguins ever get fleeced on this trade!

  6. Naw, fleeced would have been anything higher than a 5th round pick.

    If the SOB finishes with 0.75 ppg and shows up in the playoffs we’ll be pissed.

    I’d like to see Pittsburgh miss the playoffs but they’d have to royally shit the bed to fall below .400 over the next 21 games. Sure the 7th round pick would be 6th if the Pens win round 1, but the difference between a 6th and 7th and the odds of them becoming NHLers – well that would be worth the lower pick and the Schadenfreude.

  7. Hey if I recall Zetterburg was a 7th round pick so let’s get our hopes waaaaaay up high.

  8. It doesn’t matter how well he does in Pittsburgh. It’s not a zero-sum game: he was never going to bring his A game to Ottawa.

    We got a 7th rounder and another (obviously highly prized) payroll reduction for a UFA asset that was not going to perform here.

  9. Look at it this way folks.
    Kovalev was a UFA when Ottawa signed him. All they did was shell out $$$ to get him. Now, that he is gone, Melnyk is saving some real $$$, and Ottawa got something back for him, which as they say, is better than a kick to the nads… 🙂

    In typical Ottawa fashion, we used to let UFAs walk for nothing in return (see Chara). Not this time.

    Happy camper here.


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