Here’s What I’m Hearing…

James Neal – As reported by TSN’s Dreger Report, James Neal has surfaced in rumours of late.  Sources have indicated to me that his availability is pending the team’s performance between now and the deadline.  If they’re in the play-offs, he’s out of play, if they’re out of the play-offs, he’s in play.

I do not know if Ottawa is involved in these talks, but I do know for certain that he has been on managements “hot list” in the past, and both Murray and Melnyk have intimated their intend to land a quality top 6 forward.  Is Neal that forward?  Does Ottawa have the player/draft depth to make it happen?

Joni Pitkanen – I’m continuing to hear his name attached to Ottawa, in exchange for Gonchar, seems too good to be true, IMO.

Chris Neil – There is definite interest from both MTL and WSH, (NYR also interested, but will Neil waive?).

Kovalev – As good as gone, with interest from several teams, including LAK.  Now it’s about maximizing the return as bidders increase and alternatives decrease.

Kuba – I’ve heard nothing other than the WWW reports of interest from NYR…dare to dream?

There you have it, laugh, cry, call me names, whatever gets you through the day.



9 Responses to “Here’s What I’m Hearing…”

  1. People call you names?

  2. If Dallas is trading Neal.. that is to create room to re-sign Richards.

    I would hate to trade any Sens player in any way to help the Habs. YUCK.

    Trading Kovalev & Kuba.. yes do it for anything..

    If Gonchar is traded for Pitkanen..something else coming in has to be attached to that.

    • Rumour has it Neal is available in exchange for blueline offence.
      The cap space is return enough for Gonchar, Pitkanen would be a bonus (IMO), particularly if he can be flipped or his rights traded before July 1st.

  3. Too bad Neal went to Pit… I think he would have been good with Spezza (had good chemistry a few years back in the worlds).

  4. Neal for Gonchar and a late pick would have been a fair imo. But guess Dallas wanted to get younger and/or Ottawa wouldn’t take on Niskanen?

    I’m sure the Bryan would have been in the bidding. Would have been crazy not to have been.

  5. *would have been a fair deal.

  6. Too late for Neal. He is a Penguino now.

  7. Look’s like I’m too late… oops 🙂

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