Yea, Nay, Souray?

The Oilers have decided to try one last kick at moving Souray off of their books, and considering Ottawa is the first team to get a crack at him, for half of his cap hit / actual salary (0.648M + 2.7M cap hit / 0.659M + 2.25M salary).

The biggest question on Souray is his attitude.  If he is going to come in disenchanted with the NHL in general, or with being in Ottawa specifically, absolutely no touchy.

If, after speaking with both him and his agent, he embraces the fresh start, accepts a mentor role during the rebuild, then why not?

The Sens will not be about winning next year, no matter what off-season moves they make, but having sufficient NHL experience on the roster, to both mentor and shelter the rookies, will be important, and possibly tough to do via free agency.

Think about it, if you’re a legit NHL’er, in free agency(UFA), are you really looking to sign with a re-building team?

If you are, one has to think it will come at a premium, possibly including term.

Souray is experienced, with a low salary (at half price), and has only one year remaining on his deal.

If he’s up for it, he might be a perfect fit, through the rebuild.

This isn’t about winning right now, it’s about mentoring, giving young players a chance to get ice-time, and keeping salary in check.



4 Responses to “Yea, Nay, Souray?”

  1. Dude, what the H?

    • Well, it’s like this:
      1. He is a warm/experienced body, on a team with too few.
      2. If he is picked up by a contender, that is one fewer team looking for a Dman via trade.
      3. If we do trade another Dman, who replaces him? A rookie? Already too many on the blueline.

      Now, I understand the dislike for Souray, and I agree, if winning is the objective…but it is not.

      I would rather Souray at his nut, for one year, than a plug, at near the same money, or more, for 2 yrs.

      My bigger concern is attitude than ability.


  2. Maybe he’s better off in Montreal than in a Sens uniform. I like his tenacity and shot but yeah the attitude is what would turn me. If we didn’t have Gonchar I’d be more into the idea, but I’d lay off him – do we need a lockeroom cancer in the face of a rebuild? On another note – TSN panel (Johnson?) had a beauty of an idea in shipping Kovalev to the Habs. That would be sweet if L’artiste went back. I could rip all my habby fan co-workers …
    What would we get back – 4th rounder? Lovely trade between Avs and Blues. Would have loved to see Stewart here.

  3. Isn’t one of the reasons that Souray is in the minors because Edmonton doesn’t want him anywhere near their young, developing team? I’m willing to buy that it’s just some personality conflict, but I’d want to make sure that was the case before bringing him into a very similar – even farther behind – developmental atmosphere.

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