So, Was The BOS Loss Really A Win?

No matter the big picture, losing still sucks.

No amount of draft pick frenzy can abate my internal desire for winning.


At best it cushions the blow of losing…at best.

Instead, what I’m trying to focus on, in the face of a non competitive team, is the play of the “prospects”, those who are being counted upon to be the solid foundation upon which the next Cup contender is build.

The Sens, at least in the forwards department, are a team deep in bottom six players, and it is these players that provide the all important “grit” factor for most teams.

Smith – Had a better game than his last, in which he was a penalty magnate, and too often found himself over-complicating the game in hopes of making notable plays.  Last night he kept it far more simple, and as a result was more effective as a potential 3rd line forward, bonus points for delivering 6 hits.

Greening –  Albeit not a projected top 6 guy, he looked very willing to engage, and made his 6-3/212lbs presence known on every shift, aggressively going hard into the corners, and hard to the net.

Lee – Are my eyes deceiving me, or has this kid developed into a reliable NHL’er?  From throw away to regular, who-da thunk it?  Great work Lee, don’t change a thing.

Benoit – Not enough time to give much of a review, but he did nothing to not continue earning starts.

Condra – Honestly, would have liked to have seen more offense/physicality during from his 10 minutes of regular strength ice time, but on a positive note, he played smart simple hockey while on the PK.

Lehner – Nothing short of a spectacular game.  He battled, and made some excellent initial and secondary saves.  Positionaly he looks far more precise, and less “happy”, and his rebound control, over his previous performances, was impressive.  If last nights performance was a real indication of the benefit of him receiving NHL coaching/practice, I say to hell with Bingo, keep him up until Patsy is ready to get back on the bench.

Karlsson – I love this kids game, but egads, Eriks defensive decision-making has worsened, and something has to be done to improve this part of his game, before it becomes a habit.  What?  I dunno, but something has to be done, he is far too important to this team to have him limited to playing PP time and a 3rd pairing role.

Butler – 3 straight goals, nice.  Bobby is skating hard, working both ends of the ice, and both shooting and distributing the puck effectively.  But before we anoint him as having legitimate top line potential, let’s remember he’s playing with a great centreman and 3 goals does not a sniper make.  Keep up the GREAT work Bobby, you’re doing everything right, and here’s hoping you can keep it up.



5 Responses to “So, Was The BOS Loss Really A Win?”

  1. I wasn’t sold on Bobby at first, but he’s turning me into a believer. I hope he evolves into that 20g man that Foligno and Regin were supposed to be.

    Last night’s game was a bit of a bore it times. It’s clear the lack of chemistry between the rookies and remaining group is pre-season like. To be expected. Love the energy and extra speed though.

    The offsides goal really sucked the life out of them, followed by a couple of lapses that led to Marchands goal and Seidenbergs PPG. Outcome should have been better but they held the mighty Bruins close until that. Tonight will be interesting. Hope they take it to OT, give the bloody Leafs a good show.

  2. I enjoyed watching last nights game. For 20 plus minutes they played well. There was definitely energy flowing out there that has seemed to be lacking in most other games this year. Karlsson has been making poor defensive decisions since the All Star game. I hope it didn’t go to his head. I thought Zack and his linemates played very well out there – they seemed to be in the offensive zone all night. I hope that Butler turns out to be a goal scorer. He certainly looks like he has the right instincts for it. As a former Spezza hater I must say that his game has matured by leaps and bounds. If we get him a top six winger Ottawa is going to be a very good offensive force. If our defensive picks work out – in two years we just might be in the hunt again! Keep the faith.

  3. Other than Butler or Smith — the rookies have not had a lot of practice tiime with the Sens. So we can’t base their future on just a couple of games.

    Boston, by rights, should have blown the Sens out of the water. After all they are a big powerful team are they not? They had to fight pretty hard to beat the Sens… of course.. helped by the linesman on that 2nd goal. How can he not see that was offside. It wasn’t even close.

    What if any punishment is given to these on-ice officials when they make obvious bad mistakes.

  4. Egads! Egads!You used the term Egads! What next? Gadzooks, Huzzah, Yikes! 🙂

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