Phillips and Gonchar The Last D-Men Standing?

With the recent trades of Brewer, Kaberle, White, and Stuart, is Murray now holding the final quality D-men in Phillips and Gonchar?

Pretty much.

Obviously the number of teams looking for D-men also went down with every trade, but the demand was already out-stripping supply.

Add to this the popular belief that Phillips is in no mood to waive his NMC, and those remaining teams still in the hunt for either a defensive or offensive D-man will likely have to dig a little deeper into their talent pools to get a deal done.

Maybe desperate enough to take a contract with term (Gonchar/Kuba), or let go of a similar package as was garnered for Kaberle, in exchange for Phillips.




2 Responses to “Phillips and Gonchar The Last D-Men Standing?”

  1. I think the Bruins overpaid for Kaberle. He is a good offensive defenseman with value, but as a rental 2 firsts (Colbourne was a 1st rounder) and a conditional pick on SCF or re-sign is a bit much. The first round pick plus the conditional second rounder would have been right. Burke won this one.

    I don’t think Phillips will get close to that. I’m not trying to be pessimistic but I think people are over valuing the guy. The only way he moves is if he agrees to waive his NTC or NMC and the price is right for BM to ask him. He probably has that at a 1st round pick – a conditional 2nd rnd pick (on resigning) should be worked into the deal. That’s why I don’t think he’ll go.

    If it does happen though it would happen late (on the 28th) if there are enough desperate teams for D men. I see Washington and Vancouver as teams that need that kind of player. If they find other solutions they may not have to pony up much in the way of assets.

    I can’t see anybody taking Gonchar without salary coming back. And that team would need to be heavily stocked with defensive defensemen.

    Rough game last night – Sens held in until that offsides goal broke the teams back. Should be an interesting game tonight.

    • To me the Kaberle deal was about right – IF – BOS see Kaberle in their future, as they can begin negotiating now instead of under the gun on July 1st.
      For Boston, with the Toronto’s 1st’s, they are more concerned about roster and cap management than pick management.
      BUT, for another team, this would have been over-payment.
      Remember, the 1st is basically a 2nd, and the 2nd basically a 3rd due to Bostons standing and post season potential.

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