And Another Two Gone.

First, Ruutu.  This is a great trade, not because I expect all that much from a 6th, but a 6th is better than nothing, and Ruutu, in going forward, was a nothing asset.

Elliott.  This one certainly surprised me, but only because I really didn’t put much thought into goaltending in the face of the other names/positions involved.

I believe this was an absolutely fantastic deal for Ottawa and Elliott.  Ottawa netted a legitimate #1 goaltender, who has had some injury related struggles this season, in return for a shattered back-up.  This one is a clear improvement for the Senators as it provides them with an opportunity to try out Anderson and get an early start on landing a goaltender for next season.

As for Elliott, man, I really feel for this kid.  He has been thrust into a position he had virtually no chance to succeed in, and anyone who wants to claim otherwise is full of crap.  Elliott is a very quality guy, and potentially high quality back-up with some longer term fill in potential.

Onwards and upwards.



One Response to “And Another Two Gone.”

  1. I like the move.

    Although Elliot has not had a great year, I’d attribute half that to the poor play of the team in front of him… Elliot is prob a career backup but can put solid reliable numbers if not fantastic in front of a decent team (think similar to Alex Auld or Ron Tugnut potential).

    I think everyone genuinely rooted for him to succeed, he was a hard-worker and a feel-good story of an 8th round draft pick who everyone wanted to see him him beat the odds and make it to the Pro’s.

    A clean start in front of a better team should do his career good and best of luck to Elliot, this disastrous season regrettably has finished him in Ottawa. Chalk another goalie up for the Ottawa-goaltending-graveyard.

    Craig Anderson is 29 so does have many productive years ahead of him, although not having the best year either compared to previous years he’s been fairly reliable over the last few seasons in florida/colorada (he was a beast in last years 1st round playoff vs San Jose you’ll recall). He’s also a UFA but i have a feeling this gives the sens the leg up to re-sign him and give him a chance to start if he’s decent.

    All in all… GOOD MOVE MURRAY!

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