2011/12 Goaltending Try-outs Start Now.

Now that the Sens have a shot at signing pending UFA Craig Anderson, a player looking to sign a deal, sooner rather than later, was this opportunity a factor in trading for Anderson, or was this just a stop-gap measure until the off season availability of other goaltenders?

There was no preliminary talk about a contract before the trade was finalized, either in Colorado or with the Sens.

So is Anderson a part of “the plan”?

If he is, I doubt Anderson is viewed as a lock #1, leaving the Sens with the very real risk of having to sign another goaltender in order to shelter young Lehner. 

Would Pascal be the perfect 1b signing?  I say yes.

He’s already in the city.

He already knows the team.

He already has “his” coach.

The Sens already know his “health”, and any signing would be one coming from a position of full disclosure, no guessing.

Pascal is not going to sign a big money deal, anywhere, his best bet to get starts is probably right here in Ottawa.  Why not give him a shot (health permitting) at re-establishing himself as a legit NHL’er right here in Ottawa, for a song?

Anderson/Leclaire would be a solid tandem, for the right price, on a re-building team.

Both are likely going to get games to prove it…or not.




2 Responses to “2011/12 Goaltending Try-outs Start Now.”

  1. Honestly, while I like the trade and think Anderson is a good way forward to having a guy in the nets that can steal games, I’m now wary of his injuries hoping he’s not Leclaire 2.0. And I would let Leclaire walk. Look for another cheap goalie with experience – similar to Jason Labarbera as a 1b. Leclaire may struggle to find a contract in the NHL. That said I hope Murray has the good sense to walk away.

    • I honestly believe Pascal shold be re-signed*, but I completely understand why people would rather not touch him…what a frustrating disappointment to date.
      *assuming health and salary <1.1M/yr.

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