Maybe “The Plan” Is to Keep Us Guessing

Two big trades into it – Fisher & Kelly – has “the plan” become more clear, or muddied?

The tug of war between the re-build and re-tool camps still remains, and I would argue the trades to date have given credibility to both versions of “the plan”.

If you’re a re-builder, a tear it down to the foundation (youth) and build throught the draft, the trading of two post 30 players, with contract, for nothing other than picks on return, certainly does little to weaken the view that this is “the plan”.

But, if you’re a re-tooler, a cut the excess to free up cap space, and then target new blood in the filling of key positions, the trading of cap space, and the leverage of additional draft picks, certainly does little to weaken the view of this version of “the plan”.

Yes, the Sens are two HUGE trades into “the plan”, but the strategy itself remains un-clear, and will likely remain so until either Spezza is traded, or a legitimate top 6 winger is acquired either via trade or signing.



6 Responses to “Maybe “The Plan” Is to Keep Us Guessing”

  1. Those don’t seem like the only two options. In fact, neither seems more likely than the obvious third option – retaining Spezza and builiding around him with youth. That seems to me to be what Murray is doing.

    Why do you suggest it’s either trade Spezza or acquire a top-6 (let’s call this the Leaf-rebuild)? Either way, it sounds like you think something MAJOR is about to happen beyond the trading of our UFAs…

  2. Ruutu gone to Ducks for 6th rndr. I figured he wouldn’t fetch more than 5th or 6th. Puts Kovalevs value at 3rd or 4th rnder, same w/Phillips. Time to get picks from 2012 draft … rentals don’t fetch much.

    • So you’re saying that Philips is worth a 3rd or 4th round, like Kovalev. I’m not saying that he’s worth two 1st rounds and a 2nd(see Phil Kessel) or something crazy like that, but come on, we could get more than that for Philips.

      • I don’t think Phillips will get higher than 3rd unless a team is desperate. Think about it. He’s ufa. The pick buys you 20 games plus first right to extend. He’s having a sub par year so some risk. Is it his partner on d? The team or him? If he had term left like kelly or fish, he’d fetch a second maybe 1st. Great leader and character guy but a second pairing d man. Kovalev might only net a 4th or 5th. His value is highly questionable. It’s clear he won’t be back so Murray will part with him for less. I gave him a higher value than Ruutu. We have to be realistic in our view of our players. The phillips situation is interesting because he could be resigned if he is dealt if he wants to come back. My guess is between 2 to 3M cap hit too. He only has 3 or 4 years left B4 he becomes a depth #6 or 7 d.

  3. I believe the plan is to get rid of as many assets as possible by the trade deadline, work the draft and then start putting a team together with youth, trades and signings. I agree with you that we will need one or two top forwards and at least one top defenseman. I just don’t know about the goalie situation. Is Lehner ready — I really don’t know if he’s close or still a year or two away, in which case a #1 goalie will be a priority. Philly did it very quickly so maybe we will to. I just hope we get players that are in your NHLer’s.

  4. I expect Phillips to get at least a 2nd, iffy if we can get a 1st? what about us trading phillips and one of our 2nd’s (say boston’s) to get somebodies first?

    Also… I am all for a complete rebuild…. but if we get rid of everyone we want to get rid off.. Kovalev and on the backend.. phillips (hope we can re-sign him), Gonchar, Kuba…

    Who the heck is going to be playing defence next year other than Carker, Campoli, Karlsson? Phillips maybe if re-signed, sigh.. Brian Lee if he’s not gone yet and 1-2 of the young guys (ie Cowen, Runblund, Gryba?), I see Wiercoch probably needs another year or 2 in AHL.

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