Here’s What I’m Hearing.

And I’m hearing a lot…one massively huge hell of a lot.

Too much to really put into any sort of pattern, outside of the fact that there is a tonne of Senators players being discussed, at least at some level.

Gonchar – He is being discussed, with some teams being beyond tire kicking, but not yet ready to close a deal.  As it stands teams are looking to move salary to accommodate for Gonchar, and Murray is not willing to take a bad one, while contenders are loath to ship off a good one.  I’m not convinced this will get done before the deadline, but I have little doubt he will continue to be available through the off season.  There’s no use listing teams interested, as almost all have been mentioned elsewhere, almost all…Pitkanen/White have recently been suggested as a possible return in a D-man package including Lee.  He will not move at the deadline, for a bad deal with term, period.

Kuba – Much the same, but Murray has little leverage to force a sweetened deal as few teams are looking to Kuba as anything more than a depth acquisition to mitigate for post season injuries.  He might go late at the deadline, if a team is willing to move just a pick…but not sooner.

Neil – He’s drawing a considerable amount of interest, and the Kelly deal has set the price at a 2nd or prospect, with no returning salary.  Like with Kelly, Neil will not be moved for the sake of change.  I suspect he’ll move, but closer to the deadline, as the more skilled players fall off the list.

Kovalev – Will be moved, sooner rather than later, expect a pick (3rd).

Phillips – This one has more twists and turns than a Kaberle trade rumour.  Has he waived or not?  Is there a list?  I honestly have no idea, this one is being played really tight…does this mean he is or isn’t going, I’m not sure, but I do know Murray is openly accepting offers, bidding war?

I’ve also been told Phillips agent(s) are “negotiating” Phillips availability…?

Michalek – “Not available”.  Is that a bargaining position, or an absolute?  I hear LA is “hot” to land Mich…

Ruutu – He’s hoping for a move, some suggest he’s openly requested one, and as such I have no doubt he will be accommodated.

Alfie – I’ve been told by someone within the Sens organization that Alfie’s absent is about more than just re-habing an injury, but nothing to do with a possible trade.  Whatever that means?

If I had to guess, I’d put Kovy as the next domino to drop…but at this time of the year, that is impossible to predict.



4 Responses to “Here’s What I’m Hearing.”

  1. We’re gonna have to start accepting players back. We’re dropping too many NHL players. Dropping Kovalev, Kuba, Gonchar, Ruutu and Neil would put us another 17 mil off the books. There’s no way we can send that much salary around the league without taking any back.

  2. Don’t forget Phillips! That’s 20 mil. Crazy

  3. If they are getting rid of Gonchar, kuba & Phillips — a veteran D man has to come back… they have no choice.

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