Exit Kelly.

Add another name to the exit list.
Hard working and reliable centre, Chris Kelly, will find himself wearing the big B, and gearing up for another long play-off run.
He deserves it.
The paltry return of a very late second does little to cushion the blow, but he wasn’t likely to command more, all in all a fair enough return.
I’m not entirely sure what the plan is, but it certainly is dramatic.


13 Responses to “Exit Kelly.”

  1. this is too bad 😦

  2. Its funny reading the posters over at Senschirp go apopleptic over what appears to be a complete rebuild in Ottawa.

    This is exactly what a lot of fans have been asking for, and now that is happening before their very eyes it seems as though they are all going into sugar shock from eating too much candy.

    Its clear the current core couldn’t get it done, and now BM is moving them out, with possibly a few exceptions. CK was worth ~2 mil this year and next, and now his salary is off the books too.

    Was at the game last night, and the young kids looked very good, especially Butler with another 2 points.


    • It’ll take time for a lot of fans to wrap their heads around these trades, particularly if no body comes back…it just feels like a loss.

  3. Shocked….but my theory is that they decided to keep Spezza and while talking to him about building around him he said something like ‘i want to be the leader’ while alfie steps back and therefore Murray has to send out the old leadership to pave the way for Spezza to take the ropes.

  4. I’d say the plan is to move out the veteran 3rd/4th liners and replace them with the prospects from Bingo.

    While Kelly and Fisher are superior to Greening/O’Brien/Regin/Winchester/Smith/Condra – they also make a lot more money and are a luxury on a team finishing in the league basement.

    They are useful pieces for playoff bound teams – and I think getting picks and avoiding taking back salary will give the team greater flexibility in the rebuild.

    Cap space and draft picks are valuable commodities. There will be teams looking for wiggle room to make moves and we may be able to pull off some deals similar to what Burke did a couple years ago where he took on some bad expiring contracts and netted some mid-round picks.

    • I agree with a lot of your take, but doubt the “salary dump” scenario…unless it comes with an amazing package to off-set the financial loss it will surely create (at least on the Senators books).
      Now, there may be some “revenue sharing” wiggle room, that will off set any loss, but I’m not fluent with how this scheme works, and how to leverage it in mitigating the impact of a salary dump trade.

  5. It’s funny, I’ll miss Kelly more than Fisher. I really thought that his reasonable cap hit and strong play would be a good model for the new players.

    It makes me think that this might be another “solid” done by Murray for one of his “boys”.

    Again, this looks like a money move. I would suggest that fans need to get their head around a few years operating near the cap floor.

  6. That’s about what I expected for Chris Kelly to a playoff team. 2 solid center are gone for a
    1st/2nd/*conditional pick

    makes short-term pain but moving forward, it should be good in long-run. Whether BM is here in the long-run or not, I’d ship anyone over the age of 30 out (other than Alfie) for picks/prospects.

    Also hearing rumours, BM has someone interested in Gonchar? but he’s jostling for picks+Prospect? Damn.. move him for a bag of sticks if you can.

    • Ehcee, welcome and thx for the comment.
      I am hearing a lot of chatter about virtually every Sen over 30 (including Alfie).
      A lot!

  7. KJ — completely agree. What did some of these fans expect when it came to a re-build.

    I really thought after they lost Fisher that Kelly would be staying. Him leaving also puts this team really thin down the centre.. when that was one of their strenghs not too long ago.

    We do not know yet how Greening & Condra will develop. They have only played one game. Condra looked good in his first game.. but it was against the Islanders. If he is still up for the Boston game… then we will get a true feeling for how he can play. That could be a big blowout on the part of the Bruins. Possibly two callups on D — no Alfie, now no Fisher, Kelly… OMG — I’m going to the game… YIKES

    But building up those draft picks is good. Freeing cap space is good. Let’s hope the teams that are in cap hell next season.. look to Ottawa for help. Something like Chi – Atl did last season. Maybe able to pick up a good young player.

    Sens will be in good shape when the CBA expires. There will be changes to contracts to avoid circumventing the CAP. That will leave a lot of teams hurting.. there is Ottawa to pick up what good pieces they can to help them turn the team around.

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