Today the bomb has gone off, and it blew up in the fans face.

Melnyk trades Fisher for…nothing.



The #1 pick, on a scale of probability, is nearly worthless.

The pick, barring a near miraculous chance, will not equate to another Mike Fisher, ever.

His salary, if spent on a UFA (which it won’t be), will not net a Mike Fisher.

The 3rd or 2nd pick?


His salary, however, is 8.32 million bucks, that stay in Melnyks pocket, while we fans hear ad nauseam commentary on “a bright future” and “whatever it takes to win the Cup”.

Pass the bucket.

I’m not buying any of it.  This was about one thing, and ONLY one thing, saving money.

Next will come the discount coach, cloaked in a bevy of hyperbole.

But not until Big Mel first saves a few bucks by flagelating the team and fans with a shattered Cory Clouston.

I have no illusions that Mike Fisher was worth multiple 1st rounders, or a slam-dunk NHL ready prospect, but, when somebody offers you nothing for something, you might as well say no.

Well, maybe not nothing.

Melnyk got something, 8.32 million somethings, to be exact.

It’s the fans and the team that got nothing.

Am I sad to see Fisher go?

Not really, but the return was worth less than keeping him…unless you’re the one paying him, I guess.

Gretzky was one of the last “money” deals, but this one can be considered a money deal, because that was what was given in return for Fisher – 8.32 million USD.

The team is worse for this trade.  Worse today, worse next season, and the next season beyond that.

This trade was not about rebuilding, re-stocking, or re-tooling, it was about saving cold-hard-cash.



Now Fisher.

But Melnyk’s wallet is all the better for it, and I guess that’s an owners prerogative.



60 Responses to “KABOOM!”

  1. Normally I agree with your posts, but I disagree with this one whole-heartedly. A first-rounder for Fish is a decent return, and it frees up cap space so we can take on garbage players burdened with garbage contracts to help make more deals before the deadline. This team wasn’t going anywhere with the current cast…this sets the stage for a bigger re-tool. In my opinion anyway.

    • Steve, I could live with that if I believed for a second that Melnyk will burn the cap space.
      He won’t.
      This is the beginning of the “austerity” years.
      Draft picks, in and of themselves, are over-rated, especially picks outside of the top 10.
      1995 20th pick – Denis Gauthier,
      96 – Marcus Nilson,
      97 – Mike Brown,
      98 – Scott Parker,
      99 – Barrett Heisten,
      00 – Frolov,
      01 – Marcel Goc,
      02 – Daniel Paille,
      03 – Brent Burns,
      04 – Travis Zajac,
      05 – Kendall McArdle,
      06 – David Fischer,
      07 – Angelo Espisito,
      08 – Micheal Del Zotto,
      09 – Jacob Josefson,
      10 – Beau Bennett.
      Still excited about a 2th over-all pick?

  2. I agree with steve I think your taking this a little overboard the deal wasn’t that bad. by the way Karlsson wasn’t drafted in the top ten. I just think we should give this trade a bit of time before bashing it.

    • Yes good picks happen in all rounds, but people win the lottery everyday too.
      Care to trade me $10,000 for a 649 ticket that might be worth 50 million?
      Thought so.

  3. First off I am a huge Fisher Fan BUT I have to look at this leaving my emotions out of this.

    I disagree that Ottawa let him go for nothing and that this was a salary dump.

    1.Fisher is 30 now and has had injury issues because of the style of his game (that we love) for the past couple of years and his point production has been on a steady decline since his 50 point season and is a 2 to 3 line player.

    2.His salary for next year is actually 4million and 3 million the following year for a total of 7million but the actual cap hit is 4.2million per year.

    3.We get a 1st round pic and a 3rd with the possibility turning it into a 2nd for Fisher who was drafted 2nd round (44th overall). Now Phil Kessel drafted 1st round (5th overall) and 7 years younger than Fisher was traded for 2 1st round pics and a 2nd.

    4.The community will miss him for sure but he will never be forgotten and always welcomed.

    Good luck to you Mike Fisher and thanks for all you have done on and off the ice here in Ottawa.


    • It’s not the loss of Fisher, it’s the absolute lack of a tangible return.
      I agree Fisher was highly tradeable for all of the reason you listed, and have said so in previous posts, but something has to come of moving an asset.
      A late first is not something to be excited about.
      A 2nd or 3rd is akin to a 649 ticket.
      The cap space is all well and good, if it is spent, which I do not believe it will be.
      What does this leave?
      The savings of over 8 million bucks for the owner.

      • Every year Melnyk is spending right up to the cap since he has had the team. Why do you think that is going to change now? Plus you also seem to think that we are going to keep all these pics. How do you know that they will not be used in other ways.
        I think until then we just need to sit back and let this thing play itself out before jumping off the cliff. 😉

        • I prefer to evaluate based upon what is, not what might be.
          Could something great happen, either at the draft, or in another trade?
          Is it likely?
          We traded Fisher for a late 1st and a late 2nd or 3rd.
          Speculation is all well and good, but if the reality, as it is, doesn’t make you happy, then you should be asking yourself why you’re willing to assuage it with speculation, not speculating.
          Are you happy with a late 1st and 3rd (as it stands)?
          If yes, great, seriously, no hard feelings.
          If not…well, join the club.
          I’m not sad to see Fisher go, it’s business, and the team sucks as is, but to get nothing of a known commodity in return is unacceptable, IMO.

  4. So if you follow your what you preach “I prefer to evaluate based upon what is” then you have to go with that we have spent up to the cap max every year that there is no reason we wont this year.

    Unknown commodity you are correct but nobody in the NHL will give you a player would be a top 10 pic in a draft that is playing well or a great roster player from a team that wants to make a playoff so what do you have left (prospects)

    Fisher salary = only 7 million for the next 2 years not 8 something

    Alfredsson was a 6th round pic if I remember correctly

    Back to the assuming game
    1. We will have lots of cap room (fact) for players like Richards (fiction) ….
    2. We will have draft pics (fact) that can replace the ones we might use in an offer sheet scenario like Parise (fiction)…..

    I am excited that we actually have the balls to call it a REBUILD instead of floundering in mediocrity like the Leafs who are afraid to do the right thing. .

    • It is speculation to say that Fisher’s salary will be spent next year…isn’t that obvious?
      His salary savings is 8.32, less the new body replacing him, as he is no longer being paid beginning today, not July 1st of 2011.
      I am all for the rebuild don’t get me wrong, but you don’t rebuild by trading assets for little or nothing, and that is what a 20th pick often becomes, exceptions not withstanding…but if you want to book this pick as a sure thing, go to it.

  5. Hey Sensay
    I have only one comment.. take a pill man! ( want to say worse) As Sens fans we should be thanking our lucky stars Melnyck owns this team! With a soft season ticket base at best, he has spent to the cap each year..so stop with the crap about money! we are now at a spot where it is building from square 1.. for the next few years.. stop your whining, sniveling and get behind the rebuild.. this core choked repeatedly when we were in the playoffs .. now we get to start over.. but dont go at thw owner. He saved this team from moving and has spent big bucks only to see us flop year in and year out..

    • If Big Mel proves me wrong, so be it, I’ll man up. Until then, this looks like a salary dump, plain and simple, and no amount of cherry picking through the draft history for homerun picks is going to convince me otherwise.
      Nor will speculation about flipping this pick.
      Like I said, if it happens, I’ll eat my words.
      I would suggest you take a sober second look at the real value of the return for Fisher, and the real impact his leaving, without anything coming back, has on this roster.
      Can you point to a single tangeable return for Ottawa in this trade?

      • Tangible Return?

        Cap Space and a 1st round and possibly a 2nd rounder in 2012.. in a cap era when a team is not doing well.. cap space is gold my friend.. and sorry but Mike Fisher taking up $4.2M of cap space is simply put over paid for what he brought to the table.. I love him.. I wish we were not in this position but time to re load. the core of this team in the playoff years choked more often than not especially to injury riddled aging leaf teams and Fisher was a part of those choke jobs.. Us whiney sens fans have to man up and move on.. you can find another mike fisher for much less than $4.2m per year and now Murray has an asset that can be bundled for a bigger return either a higher draft pick or a great prospect.. all that said we can now build a much begger faster and more robust team than we have had here in Ottawa.. sorry to see Fisher gone but time to move on.. only don’t run down Melnyck.. the man has spent to the cap each year if he takes a rebuilding year in 2012 and spend less that is fine take a look at Chicago, Philly took a step back, Washington, Tampa, Carolina etc.. now it is our time to do so.. lets just make sure we support them through this and keep buying tickets..
        great blog great discussion!

        • Here’s the thing Jim, I do not lament the loss of Fisher, everything you’ve said about him is true, up to and including his premium salary.
          The trading of Fisher is great, and I applaud it.
          The return is the problem.
          The only return is a #1 pick, and salary savings.
          To speculate on a 3rd or even second is just that, speculation.
          To speculate on the value of the first is not flattering, if you’re being honest.
          Saving the salary is good for the owner, if it isn’t going to be spent. At this point, it is not spent.
          So, you have lost a player of value for a pick that rarely turns into anything of value.
          That’s it.
          I believe Fisher had to land a prospect…but prospects get paid, right?

  6. GN, I love your 649 ticket analogy, and I think it’s bang on. What really weirds me out is the fact that if Nashville misses the playoffs altogether, then there IS no 2nd or 3rd round pick. While the 1st round pick would be slightly higher, it would eliminate the second pick. I’m not crazy about that.

    I would have MUCH rather Nashville threw in a propsect, instead of the second pick, but all in all, I’m strangely comfortable with the deal. Not happy about it… just OK with it.

    The fact that it was lopsided, salary-wise if amazing to me… this just doesn’t happen in today’s NHL.

    If we are to believe Melnyk, then I think he spends to the cap again next year. However, I think he will instruct Murray to get as much youth in the system as humanly possible from the draft, and sign a big-time goalie, and lure a sniper away from another team… somehow, someway.

    I, for one, am sad to see Fisher go. Sure, he was overpaid… but really, most big name guys are. He should have never been taken off the third line. OR, if he was destined for 2nd line minutes, then he should have been a winger, like he was last year, when he racked up the goals. He was a fantastic team player, who battled through injuries, and always tried hard. He spent a ton of time and money on charities, and the city itself, and even though I know longer call Ottawa home, that really did a lot for me.

    Either way, what’s done is done, and nobody can change it now. I wish him all the best in Nashville, and I’m pretty sure I just found myself a west coast team to cheer for.

    Now, BM just has to flip that pick and Phillips to Boston for TO’s top-fiver!


    • We’ll see if the salary space is spent, I’m not even sure if it should be, if we are re-building.
      My point is, without a known commodity coming back, the only REAL impact is the reduction of 8.32 in commited salary, the rest is hope and speculation.
      I to am shocked to see such a salary chunk move without something coming back, very rare indeed.
      I am the first to acknowledge salary space is a commodity in and of itself, and the Sen did get this in spades, but if they’re doing a full rebuild, what does cap space evn matter?
      If this is a full rebuild, this trade was a salary dump, period.
      If this is a re-tool, and the free space is going to be leveraged, then the deal is imporved vis-a-vis this f;exibility.
      As of today, it is what it is, a salary dump, until proven otherwise.

      • Sidorkiewicz Says:

        Salary cap space is not good in and of itself. It’s only good for what it can get you – ie it’s instrumental.

        Very surprised… most fan sites, people are sad but they realize it was the right thing to do considering the state the franchise was in.

        I don’t think I’ve seen a single respectable fan or pundit slam this deal. Seriously, go to a different Sens site and most people have processed this by now and are awaiting the rest of what is clearly a big rebuild.

        • So, if the pick follows the norm, and never plays in the NHL, and the cap space is never levereged, you still believe the Sens have improved as a result of trading Fisher?
          Now, if they flip the pick, and use the cap space to land a quality RFA, great, I’m all in, but to sit back and laud the deal, on some fantasy trade(s) is not reality, its blind faith.
          Look at the return, then, evaluate, not speculate.
          I hope I’m wrong…trust me, why would I want to have him dealt fpr nothing?

  7. Seriously? Fisher is a legend in the community and works his balls off, but he isn’t even a 0.5 ppg guy. Ottawa fans have never had one of their faves traded before, so I’m sure this deal is infuriating but this core has gotten too many chances. Would I have preferred Neil or Phillips to go first? Sure. But to say this deal wasn’t an important piece moving forward is insane.
    You know how many Sens picks past and present were drafted by this team outside the top 10 of the first round? Let’s count ’em up — Rundblad (1rnd 17th), karlsson 1/15, weircoch 2/42, lehener 2/46, Foligno 1/28, meszaros 1/23, regin 3/87, gleason 1/23, emery 4/99, schubert 4/127, laich 6/193, volchenkov 1/22, vermette 2/55, havlat 1/26, kelly 3/94. Do i need to keep going? Oh right — Fisher 2/44 and Neil 6/161. And of course, Alfie 6/133. So to say this deal won’t help us going forward is nuts — this deal should give people hope that we can draft well and that player will join the squad in the not-so-distant future and help us return to prominence, this time with the knowledge gained from the previous regimes failure to meet expectations. I hope a new Fisher can emerge (Landeskog anyone!) and lead us to a Stanley Cup series win instead of just an appearance, and I hope the player selected with this pick we received for Fisher will be part of that mix.

    • That’s all well and good Ryan, but do the statistics on how many picks above #10 ever play in the NHL, let alone be top 6 players.
      It isn’t pretty, in and around the 20% mark.
      So we traded a top six player for a 20% chance at landing a future NHL’er.
      Still happy for the return?
      I’m not lamenting the trade of Fisher, it’s the return I question.
      Now how about listing the +10th picks the Sens made that have not panned out?
      I doubt you have the time to list them all.

  8. You have to admit that $59 million dollars is a lot of money for 29th place.

    The fact that we traded away our staggeringly overpaid – if beloved – third line center for cap space seems pretty reasonable when you look at it that way.

    • Is this trade about making amends for past bad decisions, or improving going forward?
      The trade will soften the financial blow for being 29th, but will, as it exists, do little to help the future.

      • This team has financial realities. I’m surprised so many people have forgotten the knife-edge this team operates on in terms of profitability. They shouldn’t. Ask Alfie.

        Why doesn’t anyone want to acknowldege that the only way that this team can survive if the city doesn’t really support them through a rebuild – i.e., 13000/pg, is if they spend only what they make?

        A rebuild for Ottawa is by necessity a financial rebuild as well. In this way, this trade was ALL ABOUT the future. Perhaps not of the product on ice, but of the team itself.

        Look, if our owner loses too much money he sells and the franchise moves. To me, that’s the worst case scenario.

        • When have I ever suggested not supporting the team?
          Blind faith and cheerleading is what has landed the Leafs in the spiral of midiocrity they’ve suffered through for years.
          I’m not about to ignore reality just to appease some “super-fan” ideal.
          Melnyk is NOT losing money.

          • I think if you re-read you’ll see that I didn’t accuse you of “not supporting the team”. I assumed, as most do, that the Ottawa market doesn’t have the depth to support a franchise that is losing at full capacity.

            Blind faith and cheerleading are also pretty much the opposite of what I was saying: that this is about financials.

            Why do you suggest that the team isn’t losing money? As far as I have read/seen, they are. That’s the whole point of the desperation signings of Kovalev and Gonchar: profitability for the team at current payroll requires at least one round of playoff gate takes. Have you seen otherwise?

            Your op was essentially about money. I just wanted to pick up on that – not get into a debate about your loyalty as a fan!

  9. Guy who usually likes your blog Says:

    I love Fisher like we all do but I dont know if you still think its 2006 or what…
    What exactly does Fisher do for us on a rebuilding team? The Sens wont be good for atleast 2 more years, that much is clear. Hes a power forward on the wrong side of 30 who has consistently been banged up during his career. Hes going to deteriorate over the next 5 years. His trade value right now is definately as high as it will ever be. What exactly do we get from holding on to a player like him? “NOTHING” If this is market value, and it is apparently, then so be it.
    I dont know how much more clear this can be, but we arent 1 or 2 players away from contending. We are SEVERAL players away. By the time this team is ready to win Mike Fisher will be a shadow of his former self- which by the way is still an overpaid 2.b center, this isnt sidney crosby we are talking about. Moving forward, we need to take shots at younger players through the draft and get cap space. This trade accomplishes both these needs.

    • When did I say we should not trade Fisher?
      I said to not trade him until you get something in return of value to a rebuild.
      Dumping salary doesn’t help the rebuild.
      If we are “several players” away from contending, wouldn’t it make sense to get an actual player in return?
      That’s my point, and until the pick actually plays in the NHL, or Fishers salary is leveraged for a player, the only result for the future of the Sens is speculation.

  10. I don’t get it.

    In your last blog you mention all the reasons why Fisher should be traded but point out how difficult it would be given his contract status. You also mention that the speculation that Murray’s alleged request of a top prospect and high pick – would likely serve the team’s current and future needs.

    But for some reason you’re upset that Murray pulled off the trade moving his contract for two picks (a return similar to the high pick and prospect that you condoned)


    • To repeat, I’m all for trading Fisher, and am not lamenting his having been traded, it’s the lack of tangeable return that bothers me.
      Had a talented prospect come back, instead of some mediocre picks, I’d be ecstatic.
      But, these picks feel like getting a lump of coal at Christmas.

  11. Get a grip. It’s Mike Fisher, not Sidney Crosby.

    He’s a support player who is vastly overpaid. A first-round pick is a huge return and Murray needs to acquire assets.

  12. There are some who are wondering why a player Like Ellis is not coming back the other way, but I think it has to do with BM’s plan of dumping Salary to acquire picks (as high as possible). I heard on some news show (can’t recall, but could have been power hour on team1200), that the Sens didn’t like any of Nashville’s prospects, and it would have cost them more than Fisher to get Ellis (who wouldn’t want Ellis after watching him at the WJC) most likely.

    BM does not want to take on other team’s bad contracts. No more CheeChoo’s thank you!

    Anyways, getting a 1st, + compensatory pick (if Nashville succeeds in the playoffs, and consequently make the 1st rounder fall to 20+), is a good return, IMO, for a second rounder.

    Ottawa was able turn their original second rounder into a 1st rounder. This is incredible if you think about it.

    Murray did indicate there will be more veterans dealt, and it will be for more draft picks.

    With Murray’s draft record, I think this is the BEST POSSIBLE outcome for the Sens and the fans going forward. For some reason, his ability to get active NHLers has never worked out well.

    As mush as this hurts as a Fan of the club, and a fan of Fisher himself, I support this deal, and think they got a fair deal, based on Age, $$$, and point production, etc.


    • Fair enough, but it didn’t have to be Nashville.
      I am glad he didn’t take back a bad deal, per se, but if it had landed an Ellis, I wish he had, then buy it out.
      But that costs money, right?

  13. Forgot to add, based out of respect for Fisher, BM tried to accomodate Fisher’s wish to be close to his wife. I think that is a damn classy thing to do, especially if Fisher’s NMC expired. I respect that a great deal, since a human need was considered into a business need, and given some priority.

  14. The Dutch Treat Says:

    I forgot why I stopped reading your blog so I came by to see your thoughts on it.

    After reading what amounts to the hysteric rantings of a pre-pubescent girl sad that her hunky hockey star has been traded, I now remember why I stopped reading.

    In case you’ve forgotten, from the 2003 draft onwards, the percentage of “NHL-ready” players has increased quite favorably. Not to mention that the amateur scouting team Murray has in place is incredibly adept at drafting. If Nashville misses the playoffs, we could get as high as pick #15. I’m sure your short-term memory is clouded by Fisher rage, but do you remember the last player we picked at #15. ERIK KARLSSON.

    If you don’t think getting the chance to draft a player of Karlsson’s caliber is worth 2 years of a declining Mike Fisher, I don’t know what to tell you. Other than I am extremely pleased that you are no where near this team’s front office.

    Best of luck to you Mike Fisher. Enjoy your time in Nashville and thanks for the memories.

    • DT
      So very classy…feel free to move on and go elsewhere.
      I could careless Fisher was traded, in fact I suggested he should be, it’s the return.
      The reason more high picks are playing is a result of the cap, not quality of player.
      But I guess actualy thinking beyond the headline is too much for some people.
      See ya.

  15. As I’m sure you know, I tend to rag on a few of your posts
    this is definitely no exception

    For a team that is tanking (either willingly or just because)
    With collapsing attendance and a roster that is now in full swing rebuild mode
    Why is saving money wrong?
    “I’m not buying any of it. This was about one thing, and ONLY one thing, saving money.”
    Yeah, one and only one thing, saving money
    exactly, you are totally right
    Saving money will save the team and besides why throw money in the trash
    (millions worth) for a team to sink to dead last
    in terms of bang for buck that makes absolutely no financial sense

    And really, please…
    It is Fisher, we got some very valuable assets
    Cap room and a 1st
    Obviously BM is not adverse to flipping/slinging picks when the time comes

    Face it
    The only reason you are whining about it is because you were hoping
    for some player to come back to smear with fanatical manjuice
    and get all rilled up about how great he is or will be

    We got great value with the first and we are LUCKY we dumped salary
    This trade had to be done for where the team is going
    I am a huge Fisher fan but he isn’t that good to expect more

    • Can’t people just write critique without absurd hyperbole…pathetic really.
      Oh well, so much for decency, but I digress.
      You’ve basically agreed with everything I said, so not much to say, apart from the fact that I doubt the value of the pick, and the cap space is not likely to be used.
      The cap space saved is like getting the winning numbers for the lottery…the day after the draw.

  16. Brutal trade. This isn’t about “rebuilding” , this is about dumping salary. We didn’t even get a decent prospect, just a late 1st round pick.

    So we traded our second line center and he will be replaced by…? Nobody.

    There is no player or prospect in our system capable of filling that role. Regin, with his 3 goals ?

    What are supposed to do – wait five years until some prospect is capable of filling the spot ? I could accept this trade if their were any prospects or players capable of stepping in. But there aren’t.

    How can people rag on Fisher but not Michalek ? They have similar cap hits.

    All I can say is I’m not interested in paying $125 bucks (only sit in 100’s) to watch this team finish bottom five. So I hope guys that favour this move are going to buy lots of tickets.

    • The Dutch Treat Says:

      Congrats on being a fairweather fan kyle.

      This team will move on without Fisher. You love the crest, not the players who were it. That’s what a fan is.

      You don’t think the Senators have a plan to fill that vacant center spot now? You don’t think that MAYBE with that 2nd overall pick they’re looking to take CENTER Ryan Nugent-Hopkins?

      Enough with the woe-is-me-Fisher-is-gone-so-I-am-not-a-fan-anymore BS.

      This team was DOA after the Cup run. Murray was able to keep the boat from sinking with some patchwork but this season, the holes finally broke through. Fisher is a big part of the reason why. His lack of production as a 2nd line center helped doom this team.

    • That’s too bad Kyle, I think you should give the rebuild your support, even if you’re disappointed in the return for Fisher.

  17. Mr. Anonymous Says:

    I read this site alot but I also have to disagree with Senssay and alot of other posts on this topic. Still gunna read the site all the time as it’s a good read for Sens news just disagree every now and then.

    Fact! Sens are a horrible team and are one of the worse 3 teams in the league. I yearn for a return to the 10+ years of Sens always making the playoffs and for many of those years being a solid threat to potentially win the cup. I don’t want my team to wallow in mediocrity of trying to just make the playoffs or missing them by abit (ala Leaf’s, panthers, etc).

    This whole team needs a rebuilt, depending how good our GM drafting is.. .it could be short… or it could be long who knows.

    But ultimately the sens are 2-4 years away from being a playoff team again if they want to rebuild into a very solid team again for 5-10 years, I loved Fisher but he’s not going to help us in the next 2 years winning a cup and it was time to cut him loose and a first round pick is more than I thought we’d get for him (even if it’s #20 or so) is worth it, who cares if it’s money off the books.

    Melnyk you’ll remember saved this franchise from bankruptcy, spent to the cap for years when we were perceived to be a playoff team, and will again in the future… however if this team is rebuilding.. then get some young assets+picks and I don’t blame him for not spending to the cap on a bad team going nowhere.. besides with Ottawa’s fairweather season ticket base, i would imagine in the next 2-3 years as long as we’re rebuilding the avg attendnace will probably drop 2-4,000 a game so why spend to cap to not make playoffs.

    Aside, I pray Murray doesn’t trade this pick for another Comrie+Campoli like deal.

    -Let’s hope he moves Phillips for a 2nd rnd pick and makes an attempt to re-sign him in summer.
    -Moves Ruuta for a mid-late pick
    -Moves Gonchar and/or Kovalev really for anything

    Also in this rebuild.. I hope he doesn’t rush anyone onto this team to help…whomever is drafted #1-4, send em back to juniors, give him a year in the AHL and hopefully this will be a younger, more energetic, enthusiastic team to bring people into within the next 2-3 years..

    And for godsakes get Lehher back in the AHL, they’re going to destroy him, his development, his confidence playing behind this team this young into his career.

  18. The Master of Puppets Says:

    really touched off a powder keg with this one, GN. Great to see actually, some passionate fan discussion.

    I too was a little disappointed we didn’t get more back. Compare this to the Beauchemin deal – Did they get more for him than we got for Fisher?

    I would have expected a prospect a couple years along and a 1st rnder instead of the conditional pick and first, because it looks like if Nashville misses the playoffs or loses round one, we got a #15 or later pick only -depending on where they make it in. Likely around #20. For a 45 pt two way center who fits the bill as a community hero and locker room leader.

    But let’s not forget that Euge told Murray to cut salary (I remember there was a story about that directive a while back) so Bryan, trying to do his best to keep his job had to make an unpopular move. Why? Probably because there was noone left on the roster with any value and with a large enough salary to make an impact.

    Kovalev – he’s gone after this season – whether we get a 6th rndr for him as a rental
    – moving him is worth only 1.25M (.25 x 5mil) or thereabouts.
    Phillips – he could be gone too – might fetch a 4th rnder if the competition for him heats up. Remember he is rental fodder. Rentals net very low picks. And his salary left is what? 1 mil? 750K?
    Ruutu? pfft. He goes and his salary left to pay (and off the books) is a 300K or so.

    Gonchar? Forget it we have him till the end of his contract, unless someone really has a hard on for him and wants him for the next 2.25 years.

    Spezza? Alfie? Not moving. Really there’s noone left to meet the stated goal of cutting salary. So Fisher had to go. It was inevitable.

    Michalek could go, but he’s young so I figure he’ll be kept.

    In the off season, there is enough off the books to make a run at a couple of key FAs – maybe Jeff Carter (or other)? And maybe a goalie.

    I’d limit those two pickups to 8-10M max.
    Kovalev, Fisher, Phillips, Ruutu, Leclaire all free up a nice chunk of change.

    Love to see Murray flip the nashville first to move up and get another top 5 pick.

    But that would mean trading a prospect or guy with potential with it (like Regin or Foligno)

    Still, landing 2 of Landeskog, N-H and Couturier would be a decent start to rebuilding.

    I’m hesitant on the QMJ guys though (blame Daigle) so I would not select Couturier if I had only one pick in the top 5.

    Rumours are there are more moves to come. I can’t see many as shocking as this. But hey, something had to give. Too bad it was poster boy.

    Youth and speed are where it’s at …

    Welcome to Sens 2011. Quest for 2013 – if the world doesn’t end in the meantime.

    Any bets on the score tomorrow? 4-1 Oilers

  19. Everyone should just sit tight and Chill-out!! The fact is that no one can evaluate at this moment in time. At the very least you have to wait until the end of the season until we see how low (or high) the Nashville pick is.

    If Nashville goes on to make the play-offs and wins a round we will get a med-low 1st and a med-low third. If they win two rounds we will get a low first and a low second.

    If they miss the play-offs (which is a very real possibility given how tight the West is especially if you look at the quality, time tested teams currently below the Preds) we will be a mid-round first.

    No one can say this was a good, bad or indifferent trade until we see what we actually get.

    So, Chill-out!!

  20. Disagree.
    Havlat was going to try free agency regardless.. just that Muckler got NOTHING for him in the trade. Chara was a Muckler mistake.

    I love Fisher just like any other fan.. but this team could not stay status quo. It has been declining since the SCF. The mistakes by both Muckler & Murray have contributed to that. Do you want to see this team continue the way it has this year going forward? I surely don’t. It’s time to turn the page.

    The league is younger and faster now. The core of the Sens is getting older and slower — they cannot compete on that level. It’s time we as Sens fans — let go. It is painful to see these players were have cherished for years leave.. but it has to be done for the future of this team.

    Could Ottawa have gotten more? Most likely from other teams.. but they also wanted to do what was best for Fisher. A very classy move. Fisher was the one player that would have gotten the best return. The only other 2 that would get that return are Alfie & Spezza and they aren’t being traded. Alfie because of who he is and Spezza as he is only 27 and a true #1 centre.

    By the time this rebuild in is full swing and starting to turn around (3 – 4 yrs)– Fisher will be close to 35. Given the hard game he plays — what will he be like then? We have all seen the decline in Alfie this year.

    I hate to see Fisher go.. but this trade had to be done. How many fans have been screaming to ‘blow up’ this team. That is what is happening.. now they are crying and are against it.

    You don’t know what that Nashville 1st round pick will turn into. Mike Richards was drafted 24th — he’s a great player. Zetterberg, Datsyk, Alfie were all drafted past 100th. They are great players.

    But it does save cash for Melnyk. This team for the last 3 years has been spending to the cap and all Melnyk got from it was 2 home playoff games… that’s it. I don’t blame him for wanting to save the cash.

    This team has to look to the future. There are young players ready to come in.. Space had to be made.

    We know Ruutu, Kovalev, Leclaire and possibly Phillips are gone. I would also like to see Gonchar and Kuba out the door as well. That’s 6 more spaces freed up.

    I would prefer Murray and his scouts to handle this draft.. but another new GM in for July 1st.

    This team can’t waste cap space on more bad contracts. It does need to spend on goaltending. That is the one area that they have to fix.

    The rest by the young players and let them grow together.. just like the great young players the Sens had in the past.

    • Fisher was not a “problem” or a road block to good play. He isn’t Cheechoo.
      So, with that reality, why trade him for a +20 pick?
      A plus 20 is not likely to much help this team in the rebuild, like it or not.
      So having Fisher wouldn’t hurt the team, and the trade likely won’t help the team…so why are we supposed to be happy again?
      Because we made a trade?
      I don’t get it, seriously.
      BTW, this trade is worse than the Havlat trade in terms of improving the team.
      Again, I’m all for trading core guys, but we have to get something to help the rebuild, you know, the reason we traded the core in the first place, right?

  21. Another comment …

    Maybe Murray does not want players coming back.. as he will not be the GM going forward. The new GM may want his own type of players.

    I would prefer Murray & his scouts handle the draft but another GM in for free agency on July 1st. Murray’s FA acquisitions leave a lot to be desired.

    The next 3 – 4 years will be some of the most important and potentially exciting years for this team. Watching these young players develop and grow together — just like in the past.

    I don’t know about Lehner going back to Bingo. The fans there constantly boo him. I can’t imagine that is a great atmosphere for the young player. Imagine a developing 19 yr old rookie goaltender who will make mistakes.. being booed by his home crowd. To me that stinks.

    Get a good steady reliable goaltender in free agency (if there is one) and let Lehner back up. This kid is wise beyond his years.

    He made some great saves the other night. To me that shows skill… but he still has so much to learn..

    And to Kyle747

    Fisher is close to 31 — Michalek is around 25.. That’s the difference.

    If some of you fans don’t want to support this team through the ‘bad’ times, and the ‘growing pains’ of the next few years.. When this team does turn it around — don’t come back.

  22. Differing Opinion Says:

    A lot of overreaction over a marginal player.

    Fisher asked to go to LA or NSH. LA offered a first, prospect. NSH offered the 1st and another pick. Fisher is a 30-35 guy that plays on both sides of the puck. We have a dozen of those already….Kelly is also a 30 point guy, so is FOligno, Regin, so many others.

    We got plenty back. Melnyk isn’t spending money on Fisher’s salary the next two years and we get a late first round pick. The team will continue to shed salary for prospects. Get used to it because this team is going to be in the tank for the next few years. I do not expect Melnyk to spend to the cap nor do I wish him to. If we can move Spezza or others….do it as it makes us worse short-term but much better long-term.

  23. Sens will keep some veterans — Alfie, Spezza, Kelly, Neil, Michalek to help the younger players. They need a mixture.

    You just can’t take all rookies and throw them to the wolves. They will need help and guidance. Sens will keep the good and character players to help these young guys. I wish Fisher was one of them.. but it was not to be.. and it had to be done.

    Sens will be sitting pretty after the CBA expires. We do not know how they will change the player contracts in respect to circumventing the cap. Going forward that could be a nightmare for some teams close to the Cap. Ottawa will be sitting with probably 10 – 15M in cap space.. and ready to help any teams that need help.

    If this team was going to tank.. they picked the right time to do it.

  24. Guy who usually likes your blog Says:

    You can complain about the return all you want, but the fact is that unless your name is Brian Burke (who is tight against the cap unfortunately) there is no way you offer a good young prospect for Mike Fisher. Hes a 30 year old banged up power forward, that is the market value and that is as high as its going to be. He isnt going to help us on a crappy rebuilt team. Its really quite simple.

  25. Another fine shit storm you’ve stirred up Gerald! Well done.

    Love your style. Entertaining, as always.

    Totally disagree with the post, but don’t feel the need to rehash all the arguments.

    Keep up the good work.

    Go Sens! and Go Nashville! The Brian needs another 2nd rounder!

  26. you say that you’re upset ottawa got an additional pick when you would’ve preferred a prospect. well, look at it this way …. that second pick will one day be a prospect. you say picks don’t pan out … well, a lot of prospects don’t either.

  27. Great Thread Sensay!! You stirred up a hornets’ nest!!

    Thanks for the link to the draft selection article – great information

    But I think that is the point that is being overlooked – draft picks are gambles on the future and unlike 6-49 tickets the more you have the greater the likelihood you have of drafting a good player – that is the return you have i.e. a greater probability of succes

    The option of not trading Fisher is to hold onto a aging depreciating asset who will not in any way help the future of the team and perhaps hurt it by helping it to a mediocre season (that too is a projection into the future as one cannot rely on past performance to repeat itself with him or the other core players).

    I didn’t think the Fisher trade would result in a prospect coming to Ottawa – so I am chagrined with the comment indicating LA was offering a prospect and a 1st rounder – ouch – if that was true – that would have been the better trade.

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