Fisher Tales.

According to the Ottawa Sun, Fisher has no active RMC in his contract, leaving him exposed to being traded at the option of the club.

This was insinuated by Murray during the “plan” speeches, but was not fully clarified, leaving speculation as to whether he had some movement restriction or none at all.

With talk of Columbus dangling former 1st rnd pick Jakub Voracek, in hopes of landing an experienced centreman to play alongside their franchise LW’er, is it possible Fisher could soon find himself again sharing sweaters with former team-mate Antoine Vermette?

While both he and his agent insist he wishes to remain in Ottawa, really, what else would they say?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these statements are at all disingenuous, but there are obvious advantages to life south of the border for a man in Fisher’s position.

Is the trading of a (well deserved) fan favourite, whom I’ve already penned as being expendable, for the right price, even possible considering his contract status?

Is a very talented, and highly touted prospect, the right price?

Such a trade, irrespective of “fair value”- Murray is apparently asking for a top prospect and high pick – would likely serve both teams current and future needs.

Simply put, Columbus (read Howson) needs to not just make the post season, but at least put up a solid performance when they get there.  After years of fan anticipation and post season fails, the time is now, or never, for Howson.

As Ottawa needs a proven scoring winger to kick-start their re-tooling, Columbus needs a proven top 6 centre to get over the top.

The fact neither player has consistently performed in these roles will not be lost on anyone, and could either make the trade fair, or too risky, for those on both sides of any deal.

If it’s even being discussed anywhere but here…



5 Responses to “Fisher Tales.”

  1. Brampton UnbeLeafer Says:

    Good article, but I think it would take more than Voracek for Columbus to land a proven commodity like Fisher. Maybe Voracek AND Filatov (if they really are desperate to land him). Filatov has done nothing since being in Columbus in any event so they really wouldn’t miss him (could be another lazy Russian NHL’er for all we know, but would be worth the risk).

    • A very difficult trade to analyze.
      Fisher brings a much bigger cap hit, with locked term, diminishing his value vis-a-vis Jakub, but he has so much more experience/pedigree and instant impact.
      Making Filatov a “throw in” is possible, but they would likely expect a pick to compensat, albeit not anything more than a 3rd or 4th.
      Maybe Lee? Throw in for throw in?

  2. Differing Opinion Says:

    Fisher is worth 4.2 over the next two years, produces around 30-40 points a year and seems to have lost a lot of his vigor out there. He used to bang, crash, defend, be a lot more tenacious. He seems tired, to be honest.

    I see a lot of blogs saying our guys are going to fetch Boston’s #1 pick or first round picks…Murray may be wise to lower his expectations a bit.
    Put it this way. The first thing we as fans should do is put us in the other team’s shoes.

    if you’re Columbus, a team that isn’t a high roller, do you want Mike Fisher? How much are you willing to give for him? Fisher might be good for a playoff bound team, but Columbus hasn’t been that a lot in their lifetime.

    I’m not expecting a lot of return for our players.

    • To be fair, Jakub isn’t “a lot of return”, but, I’m also not saying this is even being discussed, let alone likely.

  3. […] Fisher Tales. ” SenSayAt the risk of adding fuel to the Mike Fisher-to-Nashville speculation, it’s worth pointing out that Fisher doesn’t have a no-movement clause in his contract, after all. Columbus sounds like a viable option for the center who has two relatively expensive years left on his contract. […]

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