Who’d You Rather?

With virtually every player on the roster available, it makes you wonder what the impact would be of certain players exodus.

The two that come to mind for me are Fisher and Kelly.

Both are excellent 3rd line forwards, neither have proven to be legitimate top 6’ers, but one of them is being paid as such, while the other is not.

To me, I’d gladly trade either one of them, but only one of them, and would pick between them based upon which of the two can garner the best return.

In my mind, one of them needs to go though.

This team does not need two elite 3rd line centres, but no second line centre.  Fortunately one of the areas this team has prospect depth is at centre.

Foligno – He has been the victim of the Kelly/Fisher situation, and as a result pushed from his natural centre into a wing position.

Regin – Another centreman pushed to the wing, can he be better at centre?

Winchester – Nobody thinks he’s a #2 man, but he may well be a #3, and already is a very good #4.

Smith – 3rd, 4th line centre for sure.

O’Brien – Is he ready to step into a #2C role?  I bet he’ll get a chance to show-case sooner rather than later.

Greening – Another swing forward with bottom six potential.

Silfverberg – Currently playing wing in the SEL, but has experience at centre.  Will he be ready to play next year, or will he want to keep up the good times on Brynas?

Hoffman – Still at least a year away, but if this kid can learn to perform in a physical league, he can be a #2 centre.

This team is deep at centre, I’d argue too deep.  Now would be a perfect time to move a present asset for future assets, and free up some roster space in doing so.

There are some nice centres available this draft, maybe this is the year to grab one.

Who would you rather trade?



5 Responses to “Who’d You Rather?”

  1. I don’t really want to see either of these guys go, but the reality is that one of them will likely be gone in less than a month. To be honest, I think the return on Fisher would be higher, given his past success, leadership and high-profile wife.

    That said, the return is the ONLY reason I’d pick sending Fish out of town, instead of Kelly. I like the grit he normally plays with… maybe not this season, but he’s battling injuries, and can’t throw the body around like he usually does.

  2. My nostalgic side says no trade, my realist side says we gotta make room, and change.
    To me, which-ever nets the best package goes. Both have great 3rd line skills, and either would be good on this team going forward.

  3. It’s a pity we couldn’t put Fisher to better use as a 2nd line LW’er… he seemed to really shine in that role last year with Kovy, and maybe Regin. I realize his natural position is at centre, but still… you can’t argue with last season’s point totals.

    Failing that, he’s the ideal 3rd line C… if Kelly goes, and we buy/groom a top line LW. Michalek SHOULD be our 2nd line LW, since he’s good, but not a natural sniper. We need a Parise-type player, if not Parise himself. Even the draft this year looks heavy on D and C, but there’s not much in the way of elite LW’ers out there.

  4. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I still say that Fisher should be a winger…I always wished that the club would try Vermette in the middle with Fisher on the wing instead of the other way around..

    I think Foligno is similar in that his game is better suited for the wing.

    Regin seemed to play better as a winger, but as looked better at centre ice lately…I think long-term he would be best suited in the middle…but I don’t think it matters all that much with him. His game works for any forward position.

    If it came down to it, I’d take Kelly. Less physical, less offense, but MUCH less expensive. But I don’t think we need to get rid of either…the key is to build around them and Spezza on the wings. We’re set with potential third-liners…at the very least Foligno and Regin are already solid there, and Smith and Winchester are not far off…and there’s O’Brien, Bass (anyone remember him?) Condra, and Greening down on the farm…plus Silfverberg over in Sweden

    Butler will at least be a second-line, and Petterson, Hoffman, and Wick have potential there as well….as do the aforementioned Silfverberg and Regin. And then there’s always Michalek, who has looked much better of late.

    You have to think a top-line player is coming to Ottawa in June….(PLEASE GOD LET IT BE LANDESKOG!!!), so that leaves one more needed…

    Add that to a solid future on the back-end and in goal (PLEASE GOD DON’T RUSH LEHNER!), and the rebuild will be faster than people think!

    Of course, I also thought that the Sens were a lock for the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference this year…

    My projected Sens line-up for 2011-2012:




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