I’m Happy Now, Right?

Admittedly I’m still struggling with this whole “losing to win” thing.

Being beaten by NJ, a team we actually want to pass us in the standings (right?) is supposed to be a big picture victory.

Funny, it just felt like another embarrassing loss to me.

What can certainly be taken from that game is that Lehner is at least a legit NHL prospect.  He looked very good for a 19 yr. old in his second NHL start.  Was he “prodigy”, well, no, but he was (in one game) at least as good as any back-up in the league, and as good as many starters.

But it was one game, so I’ll refrain from the “franchise #1” hyperbole.  Don’t get me wrong, his play was impressive, and provided a spark in this otherwise light less season.

Greening was as good as could be expected.  He landed a couple of hits, one nice one, and wasn’t a liability.  Here’s hoping he can get some consistent games (maybe 6-8) to see if he can find a groove.

Ho hum, Sens back on the ice tonight, let’s hope they can keep the loss from exceeding a 3 goal gap.



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