Just Wondering…

So now NJ is up for sale too…wonder if that includes the Prude?

It does make one wonder on a few contract situations, namely Kovalchuk and Parise.  Would an owner looking for buyers be ready to commit more money to a player (Parise)?  Or, would he maybe be looking to unload some money (Kovalchuk)?

I’ve made it pretty clear that I believe Ottawa needs to finally step up and replace Heatley, once and for all, and Kovalchuk would do that, hands down, in fact, I’d wager he’s a far more well-rounded player.

I’m so serious about this, If I were the M.A.C., I’d be ready to offer up something pretty sweet, like say;

2011 1st + Kovalev + Gryba for Kovalchuk + 2011 2nd.

Now, this is just spitballing, as Kovalchuk has a RMC, and would likely not come to Ottawa, I’m just trying to show how much I support making a bold move to land a legitimate top line scoring winger.



12 Responses to “Just Wondering…”

  1. Agree completely. The “rebuilders” have to recognize that we have no-one in a prospect pool who has top line potential. What do they want to do ? Wait 5 years while we develop one ?

    This teams biggest problems are among the top 6 and goaltending – but unless we add impact players I can’t see this team playing competitively anytime soon.

    Playing Spezza with Cheechoo and Kovalev was retarded, and Alfie is getting on and needs to have his minutes rolled back.

  2. Kovalchuk absolutely NO. Give up this year’s 1st round pick — which will probably be a top 5 pick? Absolutely NO. When was the last time Ottawa had a chance to draft top 5 ? Quite a few years ago.
    Kovalchuk appears not to be a team player — more of individual play (see Ovey) BUT he is a very good player.. no denying that. He is struggling big time in NJ with goal scoring.
    This contract could ruin a team for a lot of years. Too much..

    Hopefully trading at the deadline this year get’s at least 3 extra picks for the Sens. This could be a very important draft in the team’s history. This could go a long way for the future and the rebuild (re-tool) that is going to happen. If this draft can yield about 8 – 10 prospects.. then take a fly on an offer sheet for Parise if he is unsigned on July 1st. Will cost a few good future draft picks.. but if enough can be done in this draft.. then it may be worth it.

    No more Russians thank you very much. Parise would be that elite player Spezza needs to play with. I like what Parise brings to a game than Kovalchuk.

    Don’t want to give up Gryba either. His game is improving in Bingo. He is a very big defenseman and one mean S.O.B. that this team desperately needs on the back end.

    Fans are saying no prospects in the Sens system will be top line potential.. and they don’t want to wait 5 yrs to get one. We don’t know that yet until these young guys play.

    News coming out of Sweden is that Silfverberg will not be coming to Ottawa next season — he wants to stay in SEL to develop more. I hope that the Sens did not waste a pick on him.

    • Totally agree with you on Kovalchuk and russians.
      I love swedes though, hope that Silfverberg will give the Sens a try….

    • I agree with you. Enough of these higher paid “meeeees”. Parise would be exactly the type of player Ottawa needs. I for one am willing to see what our new prospects will bring. A top 5 in this years draft is not worth trading for any overpaid prima dona.

    • Total agree. Even if you got over his apparent lack of team value – as compared to individual skill value – and could live with a lifetime of Kovalev-like enigmatic play, the contract is a crippler.

      I have no problem with being aggressive and finding an elite accompaniment to Spezza, but not at any cost. Balanced fiscals matter as much as balanced skillsets these days.

    • Hey, I get wanting to draft high, but the reality is that drafting high is not the panacea to losing that so many think it is.
      Drafting high can help, but it can all come to nothing too (and most often does).
      Getting a proven player (Kovalchuk or not, just a proven top 6 scoring winger) is better than a draft pick (IMO), unless said pick is a sure thing.
      There are no “sure thing” wingers in this draft…that’s the truth, like it or not.
      Now, about Kovalchuk himself.
      1. Not a “me” Russian any more than Volchy was. Not ALL Russians are cut from the same cloth.
      2. Is a fairly well rounded player (considering his offensive ability), and is physical.
      3. His contract is awesome, that’s why the NHL was forced to keep kicking it back. Forget the term, that’s contractual hyperbole since he signed pre 35. His NMC expires after 2015/16, allowing the team to waive him if need be, and if faced between going to the A, or the K, he’ll go home to mother Russia, thus being suspended and off of the books, but that’s worst case.
      Lastly, and most importanty, the real thrust of the post was a question of do we go for a legit player now, or hope to develop one through the draft?
      I say land one now, or trade Spezza as soon as you can, he’ll be a waste on a skilless roster.
      You need experience on a rebuilding team, but you do not need high end assets, such as Spezza.
      Keeping Spezza, and giving him Butler and Michalek to centre, is a recipe for disaster, and another “get me out of here” summer.

  3. Sensay

    Trade Spezza? No. You want a top 6 forward in Kovalchuk… but if not trade a true # 1 centre that will take years for the Sens to recover from. Have you noticed how many games the Sens have lost without him in the lineup?

    We don’t know yet which prospect could be that diamond in the rough.. until they play.

    • Trade Spezza now, no, I’m well and on the record that he needs to stay if this team intends to “re-tool”.
      But, if the plan is to try to develop an elite winger, from the next few drafts, well, they might as well trade Spezza now, as he’ll be of no use on this roster, and will only grow more frustrated languishing on a talentless team.
      If management wants to re-tool, great, then do it, get a #1 winger, NOW, or don’t bother building middling teams with some draft fantasy.
      Look at the draft and how many players become impact, even first rounders.
      If the draft was a winning source of talent the Islanders would be powerhouses, same for Atlanta, Florida, etc, etc.
      Keep Spezza, if you are going to use him. Trade him if you are not.
      Waiting fro “diamonds in the rough” is like picking penny stocks at random, hoping to land a winner…I’ll choose a proven winner, at higher cost, anyday.

      • We’ve had loads of proven winners on this team. Still no cup. How about all those top end players Detroit and (with the exception of Kovalchuck) New Jersey developed and drafted that became solid NHLrs. I would love to see this team become a bunch of solid players who want to win, than have the teams that we’ve iced over the last few years. I personally find it unacceptable for me to pay out over 10 hours of honest labour to go watch the likes of Kovalev, Kuba, Phillips and Campoli. What they make in a night is much much more than I make in a year. My boss would fire me for that kind of effort.

        • I agree Carver, but there are no Croby’s to be had in this or any up-comming draft.
          If the plan is to drop the next 3-5 seasons, so be it, but get rid of Spezza for what you can, as he’ll be of no use, other than being a malcontent, if he stays during a complete rebuild.
          As for the salaries, there’s no escaping that, just look at the last few Cup winners, they were all at the cap max.

  4. NJD does have their 2011 2nd pick and they can’t trade their possible 2nd from dallas.

    • It was really just an example, not a proposal, I have no idea what NJ has in this seasons draft.
      The thought being I believe Ottawa has to land a top winger, or not bother with any BS about a quick turn-around.

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