Have A Sense Of Rumour

Just received a message, from a W.C. source, that there has been some discussion between OTT and VAN, with Kelly being the targeted player.

Would VAN be willing to part with Schneider?

I would suspect it would take something decent to land Kelly, as he has really solidified himself as a top tier 3rd line centre, with experience and leadership.



5 Responses to “Have A Sense Of Rumour”

  1. Honestly, I think Kelley is one of the most valuable players on this team. Great two way 3rd line centre, forechecks and back checks hard, can provide some scoring, kills penalties as well as anyone, plenty of grit and determination and a strong leader. For the money, he is a great asset, and in my opinion he’s virtually untouchable right now. I really hope he is not traded.

    If you look at value for the money, and possible returns, I would even consider trading Fisher first. Fish is a great player, but he’s not cheap and he doesn’t really provide much more offence, though he always plays with more talented scorers. I’ve never been sold on Fish as a second line centre. In some ways he’s caught between being an under achieving second line centre and an over-paid, over-qualified third liner.

    Many may not agree with me. I know Fisher is more skilled, has a better shot, hits harder, etc., but for the price, I think Kelly is more valuable in a lot of ways.

    And I’m sure Fisher could get a lot more in a trade… especially from a team that could have his famous wife, the home town sweetheart, at home games…

    • I think that in terms of value for money (which is how everyone is now evaluated in this salary cap era) Kelly is better value than Fisher. He fits more comfortably in as a third line center than Fisher does as a second line center (clearly not enough goal scoring). IMHO This is management’s fault as Ottawa has not had a true second line center since Havlat and Fisher is a better winger than a center. I would not trade them unless Ottawa received great value in return. It’s not that I over-value them – I can see their limitations – I just think so many other players have to be let go and we need solid players for the transition (which is going to take more than one year – Bryan Murray not withstanding!.

      • Amen Brother (or sister)! …only Havlat is a winger.

        Matt Cullen would have been a solid second line centre to hold onto. Comrie was great in the 2007 run as a second line centre. Other than that, I’m not sure we’ve had an effective second line centre since… Todd White? or maybe Radek Bonk?

  2. It would have to be more than Schneider if Ottawa was to give up Kelly. That would make a huge hole in the Sens — especially on the PK.

    I would put him on the keeper side. He brings so much more than he is credited for.

    Vancouver would have to overpay to get him. Schneider & a 3rd. Or Cody Hodgson and a 2nd.

    Am I overvaluing Kelly.. Maybe.. but to move him that’s what it would take.. or his stays.

    So I would say to Vancouver… take it or leave it.

  3. Kelly’s attributes are his speed and PK savvy. If we are truly in a 3 yr retooling, by the time he becomes a difference maker, he may not have the speed he has now. On the other hand, apart from 9MM, he may be the only speed we have for the time being.

    We have lots of 3rd and 4th liners coming up, who can usually be counted on to be PK mainstays, but few demonstrate Kelly’s speed and he’s already there as an elite PK player. Hard to say, but if there is value in him now, when we need to get better on the lines above him, take a trade that involves a high draft pick that can potentially get you that asset. Otherwise, keep him as a valuable interim player who leads by example and has lots to contribute. I just wish he could do more with his many chances – although he seems to be getting better in that department.

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