Of Goals & Goaltending

Some will point to last night as a team giving up.

Giving up on winning.

Giving up on the season.

Giving up on the coach.

I wholly disagree.

This is about a team lacking their number one centre, and their number one goaltender.

Yes, the same, in terms of the centre, can be said of Buffalo, but tell me, put Elliott in for Buffalo, and miller in for Ottawa, do you see the same result?

Hell no.

I’m not trying to dump on Elliott, or even Fisher for that matter, I’m just keeping it real, the goaltending on this team is killing them.

Absolutely killing them.

Yes the team needs to score more, but they are getting their chances, and quality chances at that. If they were not, then it would be an entirely different story. But what is for sure is that unless this team can consistently score 4 or more goals a game, they stand almost no chance at winning, and without your number one centre, and Kovy as your 2nd line RW’er…it’s doomday scenario right now.

I’m sure some are going to call me crazy (and hell, maybe I am), but I still believe in Leclaires hockey skill as a #1 goaltender.

Is the guy a real life “Kenny”, or has he just had the worst string of luck in NHL history?

I honestly don’t know, but if he does come back, and his health issues are fluky one off’s, and he plays like the goaltender everyone thinks he can be, I for one hope the Sens might have a crack at signing him for a song.

That’s a lot of Ifs and Buts.

After the last 12 games, what else is there…really?



3 Responses to “Of Goals & Goaltending”

  1. At this point, Leclaire’s health has gone beyond fluke into either a) poor conditioning or b) poor genetics. Sure he’s had a couple of fluke-y injuries, but he’s also had a number of more mundane ailments.

    I think after the past two seasons, it’s safe to assume he will never be able to carry the 50-60 game workload of a #1.

    • You forgot c) Fisher destroyed him last year. All of his reported injuries can be attributed to Fisher hitting him in the face not once, but twice. First time breaking his jaw, and the second time wiring a shot on the forehead of his mask, causing an undiagnosed concussion. That concussion would also explain his streak of poor goaltending (affecting his Save %) before the concussion was diagnosed.

      I’m all for signing Leclaire for another year at 1M to see if he can actually stay healthy with a team that can score goals – but thats the issue with this team. They never scored enough goals at the start of the season (an continue on not to) despite Leclaire’s great play, then the goaltending was handed over to Elliot. He wins a few games because the team actually scored some goals, Leclaire gets injured, Elliot craps bed….

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