Parsing The Interviews In Hopes of Defining “The Plan”

“I think it can be one year”. Bryan Murray, on how long it will take his team to get back to being a post season contender.

Well, that, combined with Melnyks feisty response to being pegged with the term “rebuild” during an interview with the team 1200, and it is pretty clear a full re-build is not a part of “the plan”.

I for one am glad for that, but it remains to be seen if enough assets can be acquired prior to next season to address this teams 3 major deficits: legitimate #1 goaltending, legitimate top line scorer, and a legitimate #1 defenseman.

Those are some serious deficiencies to fill in one off-season and I doubt it can be done that quickly, but here’s hoping.

Which brings us to who might be available, via impending free agency, or trade (based upon rumours).

Legitimate #1 Goaltenders

Thomas Vokoun (UFA, possibly available via trade)

Bryzgalov (UFA)

Leclaire (UFA)

Howard (UFA)

Kiprusoff (possibly available via trade)

#1 Defensemen

Weber (RFA)

#1 Scoring Forward

Parise (RFA, possibly available via trade)

Setoguchi (RFA, possibly available via trade)

As you can see, those lists aren’t long, and none of those players is going to come cheap.

Also not a part of “the plan” is moving Alfredsson, and I fully support that decision.

The last thing of note to come out of the interviews was Murrays statement about Mike Fisher not having any sort of RMC…

I’ll leave this posting with Eugene Melnyks’ buoying words of confidence , when asked about “the plan”

“We’re all ready to do what needs to be done, and we’ll deliver”.

And we’ll be here to let you know how you did, one way or the other…deal?



7 Responses to “Parsing The Interviews In Hopes of Defining “The Plan””

  1. GN,

    I’ll be honest… the only names on your lists that I’d have ANY interest in pursuing are Vokoun and/or Parise. I say and/or because we realistically can’t afford both of these guys on our roster unless we move out some pieces that shouldn’t be moved out (Spezza, Karlsson, Cowen.) Let’s face it… Florida isn’t going to give us Vokoun for Weircioch, Lee and a 2nd rounder, nor will Jersey give Parise away for anything less than a monster package (1st, 2nd, prospect & young gun on a decent contract – a la Foligno or Regin.)

    I mean… it would be great to land them both, but not at the expense of depth. We need Karlsson (Lidstrom light). We will need Cowen in a year or two, as the kid will be a beast (Chara light).

    If we’re to turn this ship around in 1-3 years as per the “plan” then I don’t see any way we trade even a single pick, unless it’s a late rounder, thrown in somewhere. We need to draft high and draft well to pull this off. We also need to keep as many of our young guys as we can, as it will be seen as brilliant cap management a couple years down the road, when we really move back into contention.

    Just my $0.02… for what it’s worth.

    Rob R.

  2. I find it interesting that no one anywhere sees the distinction between Murray saying “Fisher doesn’t have an NMC” (not RMC) and saying “Fisher has no trading clause in his contract”. Everyone hears what Murray said and assumes it means Fisher also doesn’t have an NTC in his contract.

    • Restricted Movement Clause (RMC) is the generic term covering all forms of restricted movement, of which there are many.
      As for Fisher’s contract status, only he and his and the Sens and theirs know for sure, the rest is speculation.
      I took what Murray said to mean Fisher has no active RMC in his contract, but various sites, including capgeek (which is awesome), have him as having an NTC, with a 10 team black-out option, but that was altered today, it had been listed as NMC through this season.
      BUT, contracts are not formaly released by the NHL, so any information on the net can be wrong (including from me, lol).
      Either way, no RMC or a limited NTC, the possibility of Fisher moving is very real, as the 10 team black-out would likely not include many teams that are now contenders, but that too is speculation!

      • I’ve never once read the term RMC anywhere other than your post. If it’s your own term, cool, but Murray never said anything about a restricted movement clause. He was explicit in his words “Fisher doesn’t have an No Movement Clause”.

        You did exactly what everyone else did.

        Who says he doesn’t have a No Trade Clause? Murray certainly never did.

        Yes it’s speculation, and it’s an assumption that no one seems to give any relevance to.

        If it’s a limited NTC, fine. but we don’t know that.
        If he doesn’t have any movement clause whatsoever, fine, but we don’t know that. That’s all I was pointing out.

  3. we’re still calling leclaire a #1 goaltender? whaaaat?

    • I know, that was a tough decision…
      But I just can’t beieve anyone can be THAT un-lucky forever!
      I do believe he has #1 skill, and if he took back-up money, for one year, I’d sig him again…start the boos and hate mail now!

  4. Let’s face it — those goaltenders will be signed by their teams (obviously not Leclaire)

    No to Setoguchi. I would prefer Murray not trade with SJ after getting fleeced by both Heatley & Wilson in the last one.

    I think at the most 5 – 6 players get moved. If Sens want to be competitive next season they will not blow up the team as some Toronto media refer to — then what do they know.

    The key is to get a good goaltender.. but who will be available? Who is out there? Do they go to Europe to try & find one?

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