Pick Or No Pick, That Was Unacceptable

Here’s the thing, team management may hope to find some redemption in this lost season in the form of a high draft pick, but they are sacrificing any player or fan good will in the process.

To allow this sort of losing to go on, without so much as a glimmer of response, is patently unacceptable, and if anyone in management believes it is, well, they need to be shown otherwise.

I, as a fan, demand management face the music themselves, and explain what the plan is going forward.  If it is to make trades, say so, if it is to blow it up, say so, if it is to hold the line and hide behind closed doors, then say nothing, we’ll get the message.

Where are the Murrays?

Where is “go blow yourself up” Melnyk?

Nowhere to be seen, all while young Smith, Winchester and scapegoat Brodeur face the media.

Hell, even Clouston is keeping up a brave face, but management?  Under their desks with their phones off.

The only thing more pathetic than the play of the last two games, is the performance of management in the face of a difficult situation.

Utterly gutless to leave everyone else to face the music while you hide away in your box.

Leadership starts at the top, and if this is indicative of this teams leadership, no wonder we’re in this mess.

“Everybody knows what goes on in pro sports when you’re not performing to the way you’re supposed to that changes will happen sooner or later,” said Alfredsson.

They’re playing like a team walking the plank…for F*** sakes, do something already!



9 Responses to “Pick Or No Pick, That Was Unacceptable”

  1. …yeah, like what?

    Fire Clouston — so that the team can quit on the replacement?

    Fire Murray and replace him with… who? Really?

    Trade? You can’t sell out if nobody’s buying. The last firesale the Sens had went really well — they traded Heatly for Michalek and the privilege of buying out San Jose’s bad contract. The rest of the league knows that Ottawa is verging on desperation here, why would any other team offer a fair deal if you can potentially force Ottawa into another firesale, and get a much better return for yourself?

    Do “something”?

    I don’t see what there is to be done.

    Sack up man, this is life in the salary cap world.

    • Bull***t!

      That’s a defeatist attitude, nothing more.
      What can they do?
      Make a statement about what the plan is, at the very least, acknowledging the status-quo is brutal, and changes will be made. Basically be there to take their share of the negative spotlight, not leave Clouston and the players hung out to dry, only worsening their working environments.
      Management needs to step between the media and the players, take the heat, if tey can’t do anything else at the moment.
      Yes, fire Clouston, if this will be the end result at some point.
      This team hasn’t “quit” on anyone, but they are playing like there’s a noose around their collective necks, and this makes an already difficult environment an impossible one.
      Having gone through situations like this, the “impending doom” is more cripling than the actual doom itself.

  2. They’re not going to respond with the truth, so why would we care. As management, you can’t say “we’re going nowhere this year anyway, so we’ll just keep everything status quo, claim our lottery pick, trade some players for picks and shed some contracts at the end of the year”.

    While I do believe management should have done something earlier in our tailspin to right the ship, I’m certainly not going to stop going to games just because Murray and co. are being quiet about what the plan is. I think we all know the answer to that.

  3. Sens players won’t get much of a return right now. Better to wait until the deadline.

    These veteran players appear to have quit on another coach. Shame on them.
    The young guys work their butts off for Clouston — the veterans should be ashamed of themselves.

    I was at the game last night.. it was very uncomfortable sitting there watching that. We have 4 Habs fans that sit behind us — they have season tickets. All they do is boo the Sens.. but last night was the worst.. especially when they cheered after Neil got that high-stick… Classy aren’t they.

    • “The young guys” would be who, Smith, Butler?
      Yes, they’ve been good, but they’re not facing the oppositions top lines.
      None of Fisher, Alfredsson, Neil, Kelly or Mich have “quit” on anyone, they’re just lacking the skill support top 6 lines need to be successful.

  4. I agree with Sandy that the price will be much higher at the deadline. Unless some spectacular deal comes along there’s no point. In my humble opinion the guys played alright the last few games – not last night when it just so happens that Kovy came back in his usual I don’t give a crap play. Against Philly a much superior team we did ok with the exception of Elliot. Murray said it at the beginning of this slide – this is it. It is up to the players. Period. They should be ashamed. If the coach has lost the room then the players need to find him again.

  5. Young guys – Foligno, Winchester, Smith, Butler… no they are not facing the top lines.. but they are working hard and that’s what I appreciate as a fan watching them play.
    I would also include Michalek & Kelly in there. They are trying hard and have scored some goals.
    I know the loss of Spezza is hurting this team — but Alfie, other than a few games is not playing to his usual potential. Maybe injury who knows.. If he is that hurt then sit him out until he is healthy.
    I realize Fisher was hurt for most of this season.. but a few games ago he seemed fine.

    These leaders have to really step up. Alfie has had more giveaways and missed passes this season than I have ever seen.
    His almost verbal disagreement with Clouston’s thoughts on how the team was playing a month or so ago.. put up a big red flag for me.

    Last night it looked like they were disinterested. Instead of digging deep and trying hard they just gave up. That’s why I question if they are just quitting.

    What I really noticed last night and at a lot of times this season.. is the lack of physical play by most of the team. No big hits last night on those ‘little’ Habs. When you outsize your opponent.. you would think they would use that to their advantage.

    I know they are probably almost in despair due to the lack of quality goaltending.. I know I do.

    • Sandy, I just cannot bring myself to accept Alfie has quit. To do this I would have to ignore his entire body of work. To claim Alfie has quit would be akin to claiming, after a few good games, Kovalev is a “new man, dedicated to giving his all, game in, game out”.
      I wouldn’t bet on that BS with your money, let alone my own.
      As for the young guys, yes, agreed, but they too are playing tight.
      Hitting? In order to hit you have to engage, put yourself out there, commit to a play. Players lacking confidence back off, not charge forward. Much of the “death spiral” is a result of attitude/environment as ability, IMO.
      In military terms, this team is being routed, they’re in panic mode, and in full retreat, there’s little thinking beyond “get me the hell outta here, ’cause something bad is going to happen”
      In Philly we saw the “anger” side of a rout, vs Mtl we saw the “panic”, both endemic of a group in full retreat.
      Can they rally?
      Physically/skill wise? Yes.
      Mentally? I honestly do not know.

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