Nabokov Coming to Ottawa?

With Leclaire likely facing season ending surgery, and Elliott playing like a 3rd string AHL’er, one has to wonder if Naby is going to make it past Ottawa on his way through the waiver process.

After having been released from the KHL (for family reasons) he now has to clear through 29 teams, by 12:01 tomorrow, before suiting up for Detroit, the team that signed him to a one-way, one year, 570k deal.

Naby will not be eligible to play in the AHL, and will come with an NMC for the remainder of the season.

IMO, the Sens would be nuts to let him slide, but, as he would improve the Sens chances at earning points, it is very possible that he will not be claimed by Ottawa.

At 35, he could be the ideal goaltender to fill a strategic vacancy, and who knows, maybe he could earn a role going into next season, when it has to be presumed Ottawa will be seeking a new #1.

If I were Murray, I’d consider it an opportunity to stage a low cost, long-term try-out, and make a statement to the players that he isn’t leaving them to die a slow agonizing death.

But in case you’re wondering…I’m not Murray.



One Response to “Nabokov Coming to Ottawa?”

  1. I think this would be a complete steal if we could pick him up
    the organization might want to use this “pointless” bit of the season
    to test run Lehner, see if Elliot can ground himself
    And losing points does get us closer to a better draft pick
    It is a conundrum, both have very valid aspects
    If it parses through BM’s blackberry I honestly have no inkling as to which he would pick

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