Make It Stop, PLEASE! (updated @12:40)

Update – A recent note from a contact inside the Senators (but admittedly not within the inner sanctum) maintains the plan remains in place to have Murray behind the bench post trade deadline.  Who knows…it all seems so absurd right now.

This quote from Clouston, after last nights silly in Philly, says it all;

“I’m worried about the players’ frustration level. The guys have played as hard is I could ask from them.”

So am I Cory, so am I.

But are we the only ones?

It would appear that way, as management seems content to let both the coaches, and the players, swing in the wind, while they shake their heads and talk about “disappointment”.

Yes the season is lost vis-a-vis the post season, but there is no good reason to allow this team to destroy their long-term psyches in the process.  I have no illusions that there is a salvation move to be made (there isn’t), but there has to be some sort of action, because leaving the players and coaching staff with their heads in a noose, loss after loss, has got to be blowing their collective minds.

Do something, anything, to relieve the pressure.

This is just cruel.


ps – sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been otherwise indisposed, but will attempt to find time this weekend to share some of my thoughts on the week (and season) that was.


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