It Is What It Is, So Now What?

After going .500 in a self-professed “must win” series of games, the writing for the season is no longer on the walls, it’s written in stone.

And that’s pretty sad.

We all have to mourn a bit for the loss of the season, after what most believed would be at least a repeat of last seasons 5th place finish.  For us Sens fans this is really new territory, yes the team missed two seasons ago, but it wasn’t already over by this point.

So now we face almost half a season of near futility.  Near futility.

In some ways, this may provide blessings in disguise;

1.  I for one have lost the ability to watch the Senators simply for the single-minded purpose of entertainment.  It has been about winning, if not down right dominating, games.  Now, with the pressure off, I can just watch the game.  No doubt I’ll still get frustrated at poor play, but, this brings me to disguised blessing #2.

2. The draft pick.  After years of having to hope to select a sleeper (with far too many failures along the way), the Sens can now possibly land a legitimate elite forward prospect.

This leaves all of us diehards facing the big question; win or lose?

Last night, in the game vs Calgary, I was furious at the lack of push back in period number 2.  But then I remembered “the pick”.  I was upset about the current play, but glad for the big picture of another loss.

Cue the comeback, cue the confusion.  I was so happy with the effort in the third, but after Mich potted the second Senators goal, I was seriously conflicted, do I want the win, or the pick?

Like with anything in life, I want them both, and that is what will be the most difficult thing to accept, you can’t have it all.

So just maybe that was the perfect 2010/11 game.  Reasonably entertaining, some good spirited play, and a loss.



4 Responses to “It Is What It Is, So Now What?”

  1. I more or less resigned myself to understanding that the value of the entertainment was in the watching of player development (when I was not hoping for a season rebound). Hoping for a good draft pick does not make for entertainment; it just sits in the back of your mind.

    I was hoping for a win against the Flames. There are enough stronger teams yet to play to ensure a fairly good draft pick. I understand the flaw in what I just said, but, well, whatever.

  2. don’t you wish the season would end today ?
    The worst thing is a late season surge and ending up with 11th overall instead of 3rd or 4th. Also Leclaire, Kovalev, Ruutu will be off the books. I think the major concern is to replace Alfredsson. I mean he still plays, but you need somebody like him to act as a catalyst for the team. Spezza and Fisher can do that occasionally but not with any regularity. Karlsson too has shown such flashes. The struggles we’re seeing now are the cause of:

    1 – shoddy goaltending (if only leclaire was not so injured)
    2 – Loss of Alfredsson’s step.
    3 – negative sentiment around the team.
    4 – Fisher’s injury yields him nowhere near the imposing player he can be.

  3. the win. you want the win.

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