A Whole Lot Of Nothin’ Going On.

What can I say?

Nothing, the result speaks for itself.  6-0, against a supposedly tired team, in a must win situation…there are no words to describe how that makes a fan feel.

Apparently there are no actions either to appease them either, apart from some call-ups (Lehner/Locke).

How can this be?  Is the message to the fans really one of  “oh well, guess we suck, let’s see if the next game is better”?

That is not even close to good enough.  Something has to be done, and if nobody knows what to do, or can’t do anything, then the play on the ice is the least of the fans worries, because losing will only continue (and not just this season) if nobody can steer this thing.

As of right now management looks as inept, or ineffectual, as the players, and that terrifying.

Is there a plan, and if so, what the hell are they waiting for?   I can’t imagine Clouston has any chance at being re-signed, so why is he still there?

There are only one of two possibilities;

1. Murray has his hands full doing GM work, so is delaying his movement back behind the bench, or the naming of a new coach or;

2. Melnyk has control over this team, and is keeping in place the status quo, for whatever reason.

To imagine that everyone in management actually believes doing nothing is a real option, seems beyond reason.

But still, nothing is being done, leaving us with no other option but to wonder if that is exactly the case at hand.



11 Responses to “A Whole Lot Of Nothin’ Going On.”

  1. Mr. Anonymous Says:

    The Sens are at the worst part a professional sports team can be in. They’re not the worse team out there but still think they’re good enough to compete for the playoffs. It gets especially hard when you’ve been so successful for a decade and are on the decline as you’re team has aged, lost key players, and mismanagement, as well as management (and i’m sure fans) are clinging on to “just make the playoffs”… This team is done and needs to be rebuilt inside/out. Starting from the GM/Coach/and rebuild.

    There is no one key free-agent signing (like any good player is lining up to sign here), one swindling trade that can be made (Milbury is no longer the GM of the Islanders), one mid-range draft gem that will turn this around.

    For starters this entire locker room is a cancer of self pity, doubt, complacency, bad-attitude which reflects on how there team plays every night (yes I agree Alfie is/was god, Neil/Fisher play hard etc). When they the culture is always like that any new young player, or player will eventually make it part of there norm as well. (ie there is Gary Roberts/Mark Messier like player waltzing in here and changing the locker room culture).

    I would also say there are not too many components on this team at all i’d want around after a rebuild (either they just need to go, or will cost to much money and be past there prime so might as well move em).

    I don’t mind watching/supporting a young/upcoming bad team (say where OIlers have been even 2 years ago) as I know they’re making strides/improving.. even if playoffs are not happening in near future, but to watch a sinking ship is just painful….I was able to watch most sens games when we were the worst team in the league for 5 years, they made tiny improvements each year and there young players/prospect pool improved… but this sinking ship is just painful.

    • To0 me, there are 2 3 key players that must remain; Spezza, Alfredsson and Karlsson. The rest are replaceable.

  2. Agree completely – I’m not sure what they are waiting for? More people to abandon this team?

    It’s almost time to renew season tickets and many are not going to be thrilled with a bottom 5 team whose management keeps stumbling around.

    They can’t have Murray back – this team has been well supported by fans over the last 4 years of mediocrity – his playoff record as GM is 2-8 with two years missed (including this year)

    We need some new blood at the top, if Melnyk sticks by his GM or fails to retool, he has only himself to blame.

    Why the hell would anyone want to go to a home game when we may well get blown out?

  3. Differing Opinion Says:

    We’re doing now what we should have done in 2009, that is TANK.
    We could have had Tavares, et al. then but we hired Clouston to right the ship. Murray and Melnyk have finally wised up and are letting the team sink to the bottom of the standings. This is a GOOD THING as it means one of Landeskog/Couturier/Nugent-Hopkins and we need forward prospects.

    Murray will likely be back because he’s from Shawville and will spin landing one of the aforementioened as proof of his acumen. Melnyk doesn’t mind losing as long as the seats are full and they will be full.

    • I agree it is better to lose big, than win average, but, you have to be sure you do not do cut too deep in the re-build.

  4. Maybe nothing is being done yet.. because he is being offered crap for the players he wants to trade. Probably bad contracts other teams want to get rid of.
    Wait until the trade deadline when the return will probably be higher.
    Let’s face it.. no matter what happens this team does not make the playoffs this year.
    Next season will be a much younger & hopefully better defense. They had better be better goaltending.
    Let’s hope for a high first round pick for that great winger.. and rely on some of the Binghamton players to turn pro.
    Spend the cap space of 15M wisely.
    Next season is going to be a younger different team which we hope will be exciting to watch. If not, more vets leave.. then (if no lockout) 2013 could be a very young and exciting team.

  5. In my opinion there is one person on which this pile of crap should land on. It’s the guy who plays his own game, it’s the guy that doesn’t put the effort out, it’s the guy who is only interested in playing for himself and not for the team. It’s the guy who knows more than the coach, it’s the guy who has joined an exclusive club that doesn’t show any respect for the fans, coaches, GM or owner. The guy thinks he’s doing well on the ice and doesn’t read the papers because he can’t handle the well deserved critisism. It’s the guy that doesn’t take pride in his skills, passing the puck, taking the shot, setting himself up for punishment in front of the opposing net. It’s the guy that doesn’t like to back check, the guy who doesn’t throw a well aimed check. It’s the guy who watches the puck instead of the man. It’s the guy who lacks focus by making bad decisions when they should know better. The guy’s name is Clouston or maybe Murray or is it Melnyk. Pick anyone else that laces up the skates and you’re getting very close. I know if I was throwing a handful of crap it wouldn’t be sticking to anyone else.

  6. corbechev Says:

    I kinda want to hang onto karlsson

  7. Then what is the purpose of throwing crap!

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