Sens Have Become A Falling Knife.

It is the worst of all possible scenarios, a top dollar team, with a bottom dollar record.

Right now, the Sens have more in common with Corel than Scotia Bank, and the bleeding has to stop.

In commodities trading terms, it’s time to get out, and not try to catch the falling knife.

I reported rumours last week that Murray will be assuming the role behind the bench, and the recent losses have made this speculation all but a certainty.

But when remains anyones guess, as Murray has his work cut out for him in trying to move some contracts for picks or prospects.  No doubt both Ruutu and Phillips are being shopped, with the latter needing to first waive his LMC to realize any deal.

But this is all but old news.

The real question now is, what type of rebuild will be undertaken, and who will lead the charge.

only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, this season, as far as the post season is concerned, is over.



3 Responses to “Sens Have Become A Falling Knife.”

  1. RE-TOOL not rebuild.
    The defense has been rebuilt with 2 good prospets most likely on this team next season and more the season after. We know Lehner is going to be good… how good? We won’t really know until he actually plays a number of games. But I think it is best he spend one more year in the AHL.

    What has to be looked at are the forwards. Finish as low as possible, draft a very good forwad prospect. Determine by auditioning this season what Bingo players may make a good push for the NHL next season. We also don’t know if Caporusso and Silfverberg will also be in the running for an NHL job next year. I think outside of Bingo these are the best forward prospects Ottawa has.

    Spend the cap space next season wisely. If they can get a good forward and a steady consistent goaltender that would be great.

    Keep Alfie, Spezza, Michalek, Fisher, Foligno, Regin, Neil, Winchester, Kelly — and fill around these guys with the prospects/free agents.

    That’s what I see for next season. In 2012/13 (if there is a season) I see more younger players in and some of the veterans mentioned above gone. The only keepers I really see are Alfie, Spezza, Fisher, Kelly, Winchester. Foligno & Regin will have to step up big time next season.

  2. I don’t see Foligno and Regin staying unless nobody wants them. Foligno for sure will likely be coveted. Regin I bet will be better next year.

    Not sure about Neil. If he can repeat this years performance, then keep him.

    He’s expensive, so he’s gotta be a digger and gritty, other wise its not worth it.

    With Kov and Kuba and Leclaire hopefully gone that’s 13mill almost. Wow.

    I say go for Vokoun and a sniper and bring in Cowan.

  3. I agree with Vokoun. We also should try to pry one of Bostons/Nashvilles goalies away. They have been doing well. Then we just need a bona fide goal scorer. Whatever it takes we need to target Landeskog. Seriously tank this year.

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