Best Laid Plans (RUMOUR)

Ok, here’s what came from some conversations I had this evening, with some people in and around this team.

1. The plan going forward is simple, Clouston is gone, and Murray IS stepping behind the bench, at the latest after the trade deadline, but likely much sooner.

2. Little Murray will be assuming the role of GM at the conclusion of the season, after the draft.

3. Big Murray remains on staff in a consulting role.

4. Some immediate changes to the roster are in the works, and will happen within a few days, but most of the change are expected to happen in and around the trade deadline.

5. Melnyk is putting his trust in the Murray’s to resolve the issues, and Clouston will take the fall.

Take it for what it’s worth, but it seems highly possible, if not likely, considering recent events and statements.


p.s. Leclaire pulls himself again…this guy is being tagged “headcase”.



28 Responses to “Best Laid Plans (RUMOUR)”

  1. Mr. Anonymous Says:

    Dear god I hope this scenario doesn’t happen, why do I get the feeling we’ll be in the same situation as Calgary was in with too many Sutter’s.

    Brian Murray should not be the GM next year (I am not against him staying as a consultant…consulting with draft picks maybe?) but him nor his Mini-me-clone should be in charge of making decisions for this hockey club…

    We’re in a results driven league, and can’t believe Melnyk doesn’t see where the problem lies and keeps these guys around damaging the team…

  2. I’d say it depends on the relationship between Melnyk and BM and how much he already has in the works trade/sign/draft wise
    regardless, CCC gets outcoached in almost every game, even when we win
    He needs to go. No matter how much I liked him at first

  3. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Does anyone know if Bryan Murray really is the man behind the great drafting?

    He gets a lot of credit for his drafting in Anaheim, but really, Getzlaf and Perry are the only real stars from those years. And they were both taken in the deepest draft of the decade. His other picks/signings: Lupul, Penner and Smid are far from consistent contributors.

    I’m not even sure who the Sens head of scouting is right now. But maybe we’re giving Murray a bit much credit?

    I wish he’d stay on as coach with the organisation though. Though ideally Clouston wouldn’t get the axe at all.

    • Murray found some players like Penner from the states that were pivotal to them winning. He got us Lehner, Karlsson, Cowen, Hoffman, Butler, Winch, Pettersson, Gryba and Wierchioch. Compare there potential to playing in the show to the draft picks from the years before and you will see he has drafted well. His mistakes were losing picks for rentals and that is because he believed the team was closer than it is. Truth is though he has second rounders with more potential then the first rounders from Muckler. Penner was key in the cup run for Anaheim.

  4. Any names being tagged as gone from the roster? Who is a potential coach? Hope he picks someone who is good with the offensive game but who has also won the big game. The good thing coming into next year we have a lot of money available and our defense is set. Cowen should be our shutdown D, we will know about Lehner and how ready he is in the next couple months. If Elliott can play like he did last nigh consistently he should be given a year at number one, all our success and winning streaks in the past three years have been on his back, he is never hurt. He just needs to improve the mental side and maybe being the number one instead of having to worry about losing it all the time is enough. Still would rather pick up Vokoun but I think he has earned a shot. Hopefully we dump Leclaire, I have given up, this is ridiculous. I was always willing to support him, good Canadian boy that is likable. But we need stability and you never know what will happen with him. If we go with Elliott then we have a lot of money to sign us a legit scorer which would be great.

    • Looks like with the players coming off the books its around $15 mill to spend next year. 5-6 will be spent to re-sign players that leaves a good chunk to get us a goal scorer.

  5. Looks like the only available forwards worth getting are : Richards, Gagne or Semin. Then its Nylander or Connolly. Who would you take?

  6. Anyone know why Senspedia stopped posting stories?

  7. Maybe we should target Penner or Cogliano I could see Penner with Spezza as a good mix. We need the power forward. Cogliano we could probably get for cheap thats why I suggest it.

  8. Rask also needs a place to play. We should welcome him, I dont know that the Bruins are as dumb as the leafs are to make a team better in the division, nice to dream though.

  9. Does it not make you sick when you think the Flyers have 3 million in cap space. Yet we are up against the cap. Spend money on scorers you can plug roll players from anywhere.

  10. I am not a loser just bored.

  11. Don’t like that at all. Why should Clouston takes the fall.. when the players that were ‘put’ on this team are the responsibility of the GM.

    I have been a Murray supporter.. but Kuba, Kovalev & Gonchar is slowly changing my opinion.

    Having Tim Murray as GM and Brian as consultant.. still probably Brian calling the shots.

    I am in favour of trading at the deadline this season. Bring up the young guys and see how they do. Try ones that not have been brought up.

    Colin Greening scored another goal last night.. puck went right through the net and took a bounce to the corner boards. He had 3 pts last night. 27 points in 36 games and is +8. Next call-up should be him.

    • Dont forget we got Kuba for Meszaros. Kuba up till he hurt his hip was one of our best D men. He missed half of last year and now came back this year from a broken leg and he is slow. How could Murray forsee that, when he signed him he was our only proven offensive defencemen who could play the PP.

  12. Clouston takes the fall because he hasnt adjusted his systems to fit the players on the team. When he started he got the best out of players and was a whiz at line combinations. I dont have a problem with him he is a good coach but the team is changing and without him adapting to allow more flow he has to take lose his job so we can get a coach whose systems are best suited to the players coming in. I like Clouston, a lot but the players dont seem to be playing for him for whatever reason. Look at the pens when they went to the final, they were there the year before struggled and at halfway they were out of playoffs they hire Bylsma and they turn it around and go all the way. Sometimes teams need a breath of fresh air it sucks that it always comes at the expense of the coach. I think the players Murray is bringing in dont fit into such structured play. Martin kept the structure but allowed his players with a lot of talent to play with instincts within a structure that way the really offensive guys werent changing what makes them who they are. They need structure in there own end but need to be able to rely on instincts for offense, that is why they are highly coveted/paid and most people cant do what they do. There needs to be space to allow it. Look at Detroit perfect example of a strongly structured team that allows the superstars the freedom to create. When Clouston was hired we needed that structure, but the guys being signed now are making it unnecessary and if he would adjust he would stay. I just fear it may be too late. Its too bad there was a lot of promise this year and he is a good guy who really helped.

  13. They guys being signed now STINK.. Gonchar, Kovaleve.. need I go further?
    These guys no the system. They seem to be playing it some nights. The problem is they can’t put the puck in the opposition net. A lot of mistakes by the Sens end up in the back of their net.
    Clouston can’t coach to eliminate the mistakes. That’s totally on the players.

    • Right now Karlsson is battling Alfie for the team lead in points. They are on pace for a 52 pt season. It is the coach who puts the players in a position to win, he needs to adjust to get more offense because we should be an offensive team. Have yet to see it. When all vets are having worst year in career, change the coach.

  14. Differing Opinion Says:

    Terrible idea. Enough of these guys already.

    Prepare to lose season tickets if the Murrays remain in any capacity, and that’s not me talking but several dissatisfied customers who want to see real change.

  15. He brought in Gonchar to a team that last year was 5th in the conference hoping with more of a push from the back end would help take the next step. He brought in Cullen and Sutton and had we stayed healthy who knows maybe it would have been worth it. Kovalev sucks we all know that but that was the Euge just as much as Murray, truth of the matter is we had just lost Heatley and just had missed out on signing Cammalleri, we needed someone. I hate the contract but it was the same one his agent had passes on from MTL. So Murray isnt the only one. Dont judge the Gonch signing half way through the first of four years. He is meant to compliment a good team not carry a bad team. As we gain stability he will find a roll and will be a good 2nd paring D man with a calming presence. Our problem with him is we have no shutdown pairing capable of playing 30 mins a night and he gets thrust into that roll which doesnt suit him. The problem with the team is that a lot of the guys Murray signed after playing so well for him have become complacent. Maybe too comfortable in there rolls, thats why a coaching change will happen. Murray feels responsible for this year and doesnt want to leave it to someone in bad state so he will probably stay on until we do better. Last year we were 5th when the 7th and 8th place team ended up the top 2. Obviously untill we replace Volchenkov we arent going to be as good from the back end and that is why we struggle. Sometimes the best way to reenergize a team that has no confidence and seems to be waiting for breaks to come against them is to change coach and make them prove there worth all over again. St louis last year similar. Two years ago they go from last to playoffs in second half after coach change. Next year they suck first half, change coach again and improve. This year they started amazingly until there top forwards were out.

  16. We need to let Kuba and a pick go to SJ for Setoguchi.

  17. Everyone knows what Kuba is worth, and it ain’t Setagouchi, even with a pick.

    3rd rounder max.

    When we GOT Kuba he was worth more. I would get what I can get for him, and keep everyone all our prospects and picks.

  18. NO giving up picks this year period.. unless a higher one is coming back the other way. This is the year to accumulate picks.. not give them away.

    If SJ wants Kuba — go for one of their prospects.

    • Setoguchi is a scoring winger we could get for Kuba and maybe a third. What is wrong with that? They have inquired about Kuba and are shoppin Setoguchi and we need a goal scorer. Is say we take the goal scorer and maybe make them throw in a 4th. Say what you want they have been calling for him and I have heard they are shopping him, lets do what it takes to get it done. Throw in Shannon, Ruutu whatever we need less third liners and we could use a young goal scorer.

  19. He is 23 and San Jose is trying to improve defensively. That age makes him a prospect but has played enough to make him a player. We need goal scoring. We need players with offensive capability and we have too many defencemen and third fourth liners. If they would take Kuba and Ruutu/Kovalev/Shannon and a third for Seto and a 4th we should take it hands down. Be foolish not to, cant have enough goal scorers. You want a higher draft pick he is an 8th overall pick.

    • If SJ gives us Seta for Kuba and Shannon do it.

      Kov and Ruutu I would be careful with. They are unique players that have unique value.

      Lets not overpay, when teams need stuff for their cup run.

      • I say throw Ruutu and Kovalev in as we probably will not re sign them so we may as well get something. SJ gets scoring or grit a long with a D man we rid ourselves of expiring contracts. If they were signed into next year I would be less willing as Ruutu is our only plys player and he does provide something we need. But I think guys in the minors need to have a chance and moving two bodies out will give them a chance this year. Seto is having a bad year but easily could be a 20+ goal scorer. We could use that.

  20. Both Ruutu and Kovalevs contracts are expiring lowering there worth. We wont have them back next year so if we lose them now young guys will have space to play the rest of the year. Kuba Ruutu and 3rd for Seto and 4th. Take it hands down!

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