Commodore for Kovalev?

This is the time of year when the GM’s get antsy.

they pretty much know how the regular season is going to end, vis-a-vis the post season, and the salary cap has become much more manageable, vis-a-vis trades.

They also know the shine will have come off of the early season hope, and hype, leaving them holding the bag for any of their decisions, should they have not panned out.

Two such GM’s are Bryan Murray and the Columbus Blue Jackets Scott Howson.

And, along with growing on and off ice issues, these two share a trade history, but not a conference.

They also share a desperation for shedding bad contracts, to players causing locker room strife, namely Alex Kovakev and Mike Commodore.

Unfortunately, the two players do not share contract terms.  Commodore, unlike Kovalev, has 2 years remaining on his “bad deal”, a deal the Senators passed on when Commodore left the Senators roster upon reaching free agency.

But that doesn’t mean a deal cannot be had, it just means compensation will have to be agreed upon for his  2 remaining years of term.

I’ve spoken a great deal about Columbus in the past, because Murray has spoken with Columbus a great deal in the past, and present.

So here’s my .02 cents.  It is based 99% on pure speculation, and 1% on past rumours and 2+2 guess work.

Kovalev, Lee

to Columbus, for

Commodore, Filatov, 2011 1st, 2012 3rd, 2013 4th.

The only way Ottawa wins this deal is if Filatov, or Commodore play well, and that remains a long shot.  The picks, mainly the 1st, is the return for eating Commodores contract for 11 and 12.

Ottawa does need another shut down guy, with a mean streak, but does Commodore have enough game left in him to be a regular, or is he a highly paid Carkner?

And Filatov, is he a star stuck in a bad situation, just a new start away from reaching his full potential?  Or is he a merging of Kiagarodov and Daigle, with a 2+ million dollar price tag?

We know what Kovalev is, and we know Lee can play, but won’t.

The cost, in terms of roster players, is low, but the long-term risk is big.

Would you do it?



30 Responses to “Commodore for Kovalev?”

  1. Interesting, but I can’t see Columbus throwing any picks in, let alone a 1st (by 2010, I’m assuming you mean 2011).

    If Murray could get this deal, he’d be a magician.

  2. I dunno, I don’t think Commodore like it here very much last time. And the fan base may not understand this move if he doesn’t accomplish much for the next two years. Intriguing all the same.

  3. Nope. Commodore’s a pylon – and that’s too hefty a pricetag for a 5/6 D – especially when we have Carkner. He was brutal in his brief stint here.

    We have alot of bad contracts coming off the books this year – we don’t need to add any more.

    Move Kovalev for picks or prospects at the deadline. I hear Pittsburgh is looking for a winger to play with Crosby.

  4. Absolutely not
    He isn’t that great of a player
    didn’t play great here, before and after
    don’t see any reason he will improve now
    Not to mention he takes up an additional year for a quite hefty pricetag
    If I also recall, and I could be wrong, BM and him had a bit of a tiff when he was here
    don’t see why we would or should try to reacquire a lowball player who didn’t prove himself when he was here

    not to mention the trade you propose is quite silly
    We get a decent prospect in Filatov and picks
    for our garbage
    Columbus would be absolutely insane to fleece themselves so viciously

    moreover, Commodore was waived today

    • Filatov is no longer considered a decent prospect.
      Being waived does not make a player unlikely, or unavailable for trade (see Brian Lee).
      Otherwise, fair ball.

      • That’s complete nonsense. Filatov is 20 freakin’ years old.

        • Nonsense?
          Look at how Columbus is performing, if he was a decent prospect, he’d be up, or moved for NHL ready talent.
          He did nothing in the K, then the N, now the A…Combine this with his attitude and propensity for bolting when challenged, he’s no longer a legit top prospect. Ask around.

      • If anything, people believe Columbus has ruined his development and he needs a change of scenery. Getting him alone with Commodore for that bs package you suggest would be an astounding coup for Murray.

        • Why ya gotta be a hater. Sure the package is unlikely but you can have respect, we are on the same team. People dont consider him a decent prospect because he could bolt at any time. Not a big deal, why do we want an unproven Russian with potential character issues when we can get a Canadian who would kill to play here. Now dont jump on me I am being hypothetical but really is it worth being ignorant.

          • Is this “Canadian” in question Commodore?
            because from his past stint here, I very highly doubt he would “kill” to be here
            unless it is in reference to BM
            and the “deal” in question is far too lopsided to even be analyzed
            a simple cursory glance would see it as impossible

          • No no no no no Let me be clear no Commodore. I meant a similar player/skill set but Canadian, just being hypothetical.

          • It is impossible, I agree but I think Sensay means that is all he would accept for taking it. Thats why the sens wont do it, thats all I believe he meant.

        • If anything GM’s are worried about trading away talent or picks for a malcontent who has failed to develop professional skills. Do you really think he’s in the A because Columbus is “developing” him? Nonsense.

  5. Differing Opinion Says:

    Commodore is done and Murray’s head should be offered on a platter if he acquires him twice during his tenure.

    No way Columbus gives us that many picks in return for either Kovalev or Lee.

  6. Thanks for the posts they are always a good read. I have a comment to all the other die hards out there who feel the urge to vomit when watching the current version of our team. The team we have now isnt good enough to win more then a series in the playoffs in a perfect world. Right now we are out of balance between vets and young players. Every team that has turned itself around recently has done so with these three factors. High draft pick with high end talent mixing with, another set of young guys that outplay there contracts and savvy vets who get reinvigorated by the youth and compliment there speed and exuberance with a calm intelligent presence. We are close the turn around is beginning as we have a lot of young guys one to two years away. It pains me to say this but dont blow it up, lose some vets at the end of the year and tank this year, make a move to get rid of a goalie and maybe try for one. If we can get a top five draft pick with high end skill it is my opinion that is all we need to be competitive. Seems everywhere people believe this team has become to comfortable in there rolls and I believe a young gun out playing them is enough to make them play to there capability to stay on the team. Think of Colorado, Duchesne Anderson and Stewart and they go from worst to playoffs in a year. We go for Vokoun or one of Nashvilles goalies get a top pick and have him compliment Butler Regin and Foligno. We are not that far off. Lose Kovalev, Ruutu Shannon Kuba and Leclaire fill there rolls with Bass Butler and whoever wins the job out of camp.

    • “blow it up” is a very subjective term.
      I’m certainly guilty of using it, without a great deal of clarity.
      So, here’s my personal definition.


      Karlsson, Cowen, Lehner, Wiercioch, Smith, Petersson, Silfverberg, Rundblad, Regin, Michalek, Foligno.

      Retain – Group “A” – Retain unless a franchise player is coming in return (Toews, Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Tavares, Stamkos).

      Alfie, Spezza.
      The former to provide leadership and continuity, the latter as a key skill set.

      Retain – Group B – These players have term, so would not likely be offered fair value in trade, but, if offered, take it, and use young talent to replace them (Regin, Bass, Smith, Butler, O’Brien).

      Neil, Kelly, Fisher, Gonchar,

      Trade – Group A – Make openly available, now, for anything.

      Lee, Kovalev, Kuba.

      Trade – Group B – Attempt to trade at or near the deadline for picks or prospects.

      Ruutu, Phillips, Shannon, Elliott.

      Available prospects – Group A – Available, but the returns would have to be strategic, if a re-build is in process.

      Hoffman, Bass, Gryba, O’Brien, Butler.


      • I wasnt referring to your use of blow it up, not that it matters. The only thing I would change on your list would be Michalek I cant see him getting better, if we are lucky and doesnt get hurt he could be a great player on the second line and great for pk. Although I think this way due to the fact he hasnt produced. But who has, so that skews the numbers a bit. I guess if it were up to me if we improve next year and he doesnt top 20 goals then we should see what we can get for him as Kelly has put up similar numbers in a good year to what Michalek has now. Although when he is on he is very good, I will give him that I just worry that once he is hurt we wont get anything for him. Hope for him he doesnt though, he has dealt with it enough for his age. I also disagree with moving Phillips if he takes a decent contract he could be great at mentoring Cowen. Could also make a legit shutdown pair like he is used to having. I can see what you say with Fisher but he has one of the characteristics few have and that he is willing to go to war for this city and while he is streaky he plays similar to Michalek but with obviously more grit. If we keep them they could be are second line as there numbers combined could give us a legit second line scoring unit if we get them a LW. If not play them with Alfie and hopefully by then we have wingers to compliment Spezza thats where I see Butler succeeding. Imagine with the cap space we pickup another LW and play them we may have a decent team in two years. Obviously hypthetical but it would be a stretch for Alfie to play first line at that time, Butler should he develop has the skill set to play there. So we have to draft a high skill LW hopefully we get a high draft pick this year and we have that luxury. Not sure if any LW are UFAs this year or what LW are predicted high in the draft. But it is nice to dream of a team that can score the way we used to.

  7. I still think bombing this year and getting an elite scoring winger hopefully LW would be our greatest chance at winning one for Alfie. He could play with Spezza and Foligno/Butler/ Hoffman(Wishing I know). Second we would have Regin Fisher and Michalek. Third Kelly Neil and Smith/Bass. Fourth Winch Bass/Smith and whoever we have left. I dont see Ruutu or Shannon back. Shannon is good but I dont know that he fits here. If he is consistent he can play top three lines 4th wastes him and it would be good to see him go somewhere to play more. Him and Lee. Our D depth is great and hopefully we see Cowen and Rundblad/Wierchioch play next year. Phillips would be a great mentor to Cowen I think with those two together we will see the Phillips we grew to love. Karlsson and Gonch may not work but if Karlsson improves his coverage skills it could work. But if he develops chemistry with Phillips I could see them interchanging. Lastly Campoli Carkner and Rundblad/Wierchioch should compete for spots. I could see Camps leaving if one of them makes it but most players on the team really like him. I would hate to see Carks leave but he should be 6th/7th on a good team played in games that suit his style. We should lose Pascal and try to trade him to FLA with Kuba and Lee to get Vokoun. Maybe throw in a Second rounder, that way we give Lehner a chance to develop. Hopefully if the team does poorly this weekend they lose a goalie and give him a chance, if he isnt ready yet get a goalie and if he is then we have a lot of money left to spend to hopefully get a LW. Once some of the old guys are gone we will have a good mix. Gonch is a complimentary player now.

  8. Personally I think the problem with our team is thus. Two years ago we were devoid of a talent pool and we needed structure BAD. We werent going to outscore anyone and the majority of the players we had were players who needed to play within themselves and the structure to be effective. However Murray has been bringing guys in who play with a lot of creativity and flow and I feel we are stuck in the middle. Guys like Karlsson Alfie Spezza Gonchar Campoli to a lesser extent Lee, maybe Michalek play there best when there is a high skilled environment and less structure. Meaning they play there best when they rely on instincts versus being constantly told where to go. The more players that join the team in the latter group will push the team closest to where it was with Murray behind the bench. Sure there was structure but it allowed creativity. Thats where the team that Murray is trying to build doesnt mesh well with Cloustons coaching strategy. Thats why Gonchar cant play with Phillips as they are opposites. We need a coach like Bylsma that allows the skilled players to rely on instincts offensively and play structured defensive zone coverage. With Rundblad, Wierchioch, Hoffman and Butler coming it will only make it worse thus creating the need for a new philosophy. Murray is trying to create a similar team we had when he coached and that was a mixture of the free flow style of the top lines who all had near 100 pt seasons and the grinders who play stable smart hockey. That to me is the problem Clouston was what we needed with a grinding team Murray is trying to turn us into a fast puck moving offensively gifted team and the change is happening and as frustrating as it is we are really close IMO. The benefit will be that our third and fourth line guys will all be really experienced and are fairly big and great at the cycle game mix that with the potential offense coming from the system and hopefully from a high draft pick or major signing our team will have balance for the first time in awhile, remember this was similar in Heatleys last year. It will make us a tough out in the playoffs. We are one legit scorer, goalie and shutdown D man away from being that contender. Clouston needs to adjust his systems to allow for more creativity or he should go. Its not his fault but Murray is building a team that I dont think he can coach to get its max potential. Its too bad but hopefully the things he taught all our players helps them in future playoffs.

    • Completely agree
      CCC was good as a turnaround coach
      Send players deep; but it was a very “easy” game
      I still feel that most of our players are underachieving because they are being very poorly applied in game
      new coach/system and “hopefully” {read: PLEASE OH GOD} a younger roster we can really start a new system, fresh
      instead of this frankenstein of haphazard plays and lines we have now

    • “We are one legit scorer, goalie and shutdown D man away from being that contender.”
      Absolutely, but these won’t come via the draft, they will have to come from the current prospect pool (Cowen, Gryba)Lehner)(Petersson, Hoffman, Butler), or trade/signing.
      Clouston IS done, I have this on very good authority.

      • I agree, hopefully we see this year if Lehner is ready, if he isnt use our space and hopefully target Vokoun. We should have the space to pick up another winger so hopefully we pick up a scorer as a UFA and use a high draft pick on a scoring winger and we should be stocked and in two years I see us being competitive. I agree Clouston is done he needed to adapt his system to adjust to the new talent and he hasnt done so and it really feels like the players arent playing there hearts out. I see us like the Stars in two years the next 6 months are going to determine the next 2-4 years for this team so if Murray isnt coming back then we need a GM in asap who will be in charge for this very important time. If we get a winger to play with Spezza keep the Alfie Fish Michalek line as a number 2. Although that leaves Foligno and Regin as first or third liners. It looks like we need to dump a centreman as Spezza Fisher Regin Kelly and Winch all deserve a shot. Not sure what I would do, in a perfect world Regin or Foligno would play well with Spezza and a legit LW but the other would move to third line and not sure that would maximize potential. It would be a tough decision to make who would you dump and why?

  9. Cowen & Rundblad will make the Sens next season. Weircoch is struggling with the pro game in Bingo this season.. so personally I can’t see him in the NHL next year.

    Big NO to Commodore.. Been there done that. He did not like it here and had some not so good things said when he left. Having him for 2 more years.. and not being able to get rid of Kuba will ruin any chance to get these young D in the game.

    Sens need to re-tool — not re-build. The goaltender & defense have already been drafted. It’s now time to concentrate on the forward positions. There are quite a few good young forward prospects.. but right now we can’t say any of them will be elite.

    Next season I would like to see Z Smith, Butler, O’Brien, Greening and possibly Condra. Hoffman is not adjusting well to the pro-game either. He will probably need another year or two in the AHL.

    Trade what you can at the deadline for prospects or picks. I know the draft is not the deepest this year.. but in the top 5 you should be able to get a good young player.

  10. “I’ve spoken a great deal about Columbus in the past, because Murray has spoken with Columbus a great deal in the past, and present.”

    I’d be shocked if you can find even one article or soundbite where he’s even mentioned Columbus, beyond discussing a gameday or a universal topic like the Commodore’s incessant nonsense.

    • I have heard Murray talk about speaking to Columbus. He has dealt with them in the past as well. Vermette for Leclaire I think thats what is being referred to here.

    • Murray has had a lot of conversations with Columbus…trust me, or don’t, whatever.

      • You put info on the blog that you receive obviously buddy trusts your opinion or he wouldnt be here. Maybe just jealous he doesnt have a blog? You arent putting info out to stroke your ego so I dont get the problem.

  11. Prospect players that could make the Sens next season — my thoughts..

    Jakob Silfverberg
    Louie Caporusso
    Bobby Butler
    Colin Greening
    Eric Condra

    Will make – again my opinion


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